A Modest Proposal – Use Aborted Babies for Making Vaccines


While measles is a hot topic of national conversation, this may be the time to get the word out about a sinister aspect of our current MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines. Did you know that both vaccines were developed from aborted fetus cell tissue? Those of you who are pro-life may react as I did when I first discovered this disturbing fact – disbelief and then abhorrence. (Swirling thoughts included Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal and the model essay my own father wrote in the 80’s about selling aborted babies for food. Yuck.)

For a while, there were separate vaccines for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella that were developed from chick embryos and not humans. Currently, Merck and Co has stopped producing these alternative vaccines.

RIGHT NOW is a great time to ask Christians and others morally-opposed to abortion to learn the facts about this matter, and to bring up these facts to their doctors and politicians.

If all of us who want protection from these diseases and yet do not want to profit from abortion would stand up and say, “No MMR without a humane choice,” what do you think would happen? Most doctors want the majority of people vaccinated. The vaccine companies want to sell vaccines. You can bet your bottom dollar that alternatives would be back on the shelf in no time.

Those of us who see the good of the MMR vaccine outweighing the bad of the way the vaccine was developed can still use the power of our words to put the squeeze on Merck and Co and ask them to begin making alternatives available again. Or, we might choose to use the Chicken Pox vaccine (because Chicken Pox is less scary than measles) as a place to practice conscientious objection.

Look into it for yourself. If the truth of where these vaccines were started bothers you, educate others. Complain to your doctors. Ask for alternatives!

For more information, see Vaccines, Abortion, and Fetal Tissue or simply google “aborted fetuses” alongside “vaccines.”

(If you had the choice between fair trade coffee and slave-made coffee, which would you choose? If we can be picky about coffee, we can be picky about vaccines.)


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