THM Meal Plan, Autumn 2014

Menu – 4 Weeks of Fall


(E) Summer Porridge for moi and Soaked Oats for kids

(E) Beanadillas/Bean Burritos/LC tortillas/Beans & Rice etc.

(Weeks 1-4) (S) Spaghetti with ground turkey (over Zucchini noodles or Dreamfields for me, regular noodles for kids)




(S) Muffin in a Mug w/ crm chs (Kids: Bagels w/ Cream Cheese)

(E or C) Sandwiches (Egg Salad, Lunch Meat, Tuna, etc.) Raw veggies, chips

(Weeks 1,3) (S) Spicy Chicken Wings or Drumsticks (THM pg 323)

 (Weeks 2, 4) (S) Sponge Bob Crabby Patties



(S) Eggs & Flax Toast (Regular toast for kiddos)

(S) Salmon and Salad  (Kids: Mac n’ Cheese and Veggies)

 (Weeks 1,3) (S) Meatball Soup

(Weeks 2,4) (S) Egg Roll in a Bowl (Rice for kids)



(E) Soaked Oatmeal (and Cottage Cheese for me)

(S) Leftover Meatball Soup or grilled chicken and veggies

(Weeks 1,3) (E) Bryan’s Red Lentil Soup or Marquez Lentil Soup
(Weeks 2, 4) (E) All-Day Chana Dahl (THM pg 311)




(S) Eggs or Mug in Muffin                 (Kids: Cereal w/ Milk)

(S) Leftover Soup

Pizza Night!

(Weeks 1,3) (S) – Pizza Casserole (pg 327 of THM)

(Weeks 2, 4) (S) Little Caesar’s for kids and Holy Grail Pizza for adults




(E) Trim Healthy Pancakes

(S or E) Leftovers, Mac n’ Cheese, or Bean Meal (burritos, beans/rice, etc.)

(Weeks 2, 4) (S) Coney Island Casserole (Crock Pot)

(Weeks 1, 2) (E) Italian Chicken (Crock Pot – THM pg 313)



(S) Meat and Eggs                                                                       Add Toast

Out to Eat Lunch! Maybe a Crossover or S Helper!

(F) Whey Shake

 (Weeks 1, 3) (E) Creamy Taco Soup (add fixin’s for kids/hubby – omit yogurt, read reviews)
(Weeks 2, 4)  Hearty Chicken Butternut Stew (chicken breast to stay E)

Edited to change Weeks 2, 4 to Tonya’s Chicken Chili (E without fixings – can have the baked blue corn chips from Trader Joe’s, tho!)


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