A 3-Year Bible Cycle

What do you think about pairing 3 cycles of Bible-learning with Classical Conversations Foundations Program’s 3 cycles?

The 10 Commandments memory verses in Cycle 1 would serve as a great backdrop to studying the Old Testament. In Cycle 2, the Ephesians verses would be a fantastic starting place for spending a year on “Christian Living” (character studies, Proverbs, commands to Christians, fruits of the spirit, etc.).  John 1 naturally leads itself to a Life of Christ study and New Testament survey.

I’m so excited about the idea of building Bible cycles into our homeschooling!

We’ve used some resources in the past to study the Old Testament, are using some right now, and are ruminating on others.  Anyone else have some fantastic OT curriculum ideas for Cycle 1 this year? 

The Picture Smart Bible:  We got an older edition of this for super cheap (look on the web for  the name “Picture This”) and we’re using this right now.  The kids draw a page for each book of the Old Testament, making little pictures for different important ideas to remember.  I found this too hard to implement alone with my kids of various ages, but now that my husband is doing it as a nighttime study it’s working just fine!  We needed one adult to draw and explain while another adult was available to squelch frustration and help where needed.  When all is said and done, each child will have a nice little book of summaries of the Old Testament.  Each book takes us about a week (4 sessions) to draw.

Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament:  This is a guide that takes you through readings of the OT in chronological order.  The questions following the reading are mostly grammatical in nature but some are more dialectic.  It’s very simple, but thorough—a  great way to read right through the Bible for history.  I enjoyed this resource when Christian and Micah were younger, but somehow with more kids (one ADHD) it seems harder to use.

Truthquest’s Beginnings Guide:  I haven’t used this guide but am considering buying it this year.  Michelle Miller brings thought-provoking commentary to your home in conversational style in her history guides, and I’m sure the Bible guide would be similar.  Also available are little lapbook or notebooking pdf files.

What are your favorite Old Testament resources?


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