A Child’s Geography with Cycle 1 of Classical Conversations

(reprinted from a 2009 blog post I wrote for our local Classical Conversations’ campus)

Several years ago I purchased a wonderful earth science text called A Child’s Geography.  Written by talented author and blogger Ann Voskamp, A Child’s Geography reads like a living book and comes with narration prompts, ideas on notebooking and hands-on activities, and inspirational suggestions on how to practically apply truths learned in a “missional” way.  The book is written from a Christian and Creationist perspective.  It is easy to use with multiple children at different academic levels.

My children were a bit too young for A Child’s Geography when I first bought it, and so it was shelved and forgotten.  Looking ahead to next semester’s Classical Conversations memory work, I suddenly remembered the book!  I can’t believe what a blessing it will be – it seems the perfect complement to CC this spring!  After looking through the chapters in A Child’s Geography, I was able to make a reading schedule for our family that will somewhat coincide with the memory facts for CC.  (Chapter 8 doesn’t fit into our list of CC facts but is about Plate Tectonics and explores the idea of a quick “continental bend” instead of a gradual “continental drift.”)

If you would like to learn more about about A Child’s Geography, check out their website or Google reviews.  The “real” book and accompanying CD-Rom are $35 on the main website, but you can get them for only $25 if you purchase the downloadable version.  Amazon has the “real” version for only $22 (and there are lots of customer reviews to read there)!  The first few chapters of the book are online for free.  If you do purchase the book, please let me know what you think of the CD-Rom (back when I bought the book, the CD-Rom was not available but I can buy it now if you think it’s worth it!).

Our Reading Schedule

CC Week/Science Memory Work Topic                  A Child’s Geography/Topic

13/Parts of the Earth                                                      Chapter 1/Introduction to His World

14/Three Kinds of Rocks                                               Chapter 7/ The Structure of Earth

15/Continents’ Highest Mountains                             Chapter 4/ The Continents

16/4 Kinds of Volcanoes                                               Chapter 9/Earthquakes and Volcanoes

17/Parts of Volcanoes                                                    Finish Chapter 9

18/Types of Ocean Floor                                               Chapter 5/The Oceans

19/Ocean Zones                                                               Chapter 2*/The Lower Atmosphere

20/Parts of Atmosphere                                                Chapter 3/The Upper Atmosphere

21/Great Circles around the Earth                            Chapter 10/Latitude (Chapter 11 is Longitude)

22/Kinds of Weather Fronts                                        Chapter 6/Seasons, Climate, Weather

23/Kinds of Clouds                                                         Finish Chapter 6


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