The Power of Loving One

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” – Theodore Hesburgh

‎”ONE Sun is splendid: six Suns would be only vulgar. One Tower of Giotto is sublime: a row of Towers of Giotto would be only like a row of white posts. The poetry of art is in beholding the single tower; the poetry of nature, in seeing the single tree; the poetry of love, in following the single woman; the poetry of religion, in worshipping the single star.”

~GK Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles

Both of these quotes have shown up in Facebook friends’ status updates recently and served to give a nice word picture to thoughts I’ve been having.

Our newly adopted son, DJ, began drawing pictures of my husband and I after just a few months of living here.  DJ came from an extremely broken background and had never seen an example of a faithful, loving marriage.  He was taken with us, as evidenced by his many drawings of us surrounded by hearts and holding hands.

I take pure delight in knowing our stable marriage can affect his heart, especially since I have not been the most stable mother since his arrival.  (Anyone who has adopted an older “hurt” child will understand how bringing a severely dysfunctional child into the home seems to bring out the worst in everyone!).

God is so good, not only to bless me with a sacrifical, faithful husband and the joy and rest that come along with having such a husband, but he uses that gift to reach this little boy in ways I didn’t even forsee as being important!

My husband has taught me so much about Christ through the years.  Not only in his sacrificial love for me, his warrior-like attitude in being faithful to me, but also through seeing God’s grace in his sin and repentance.


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