Lie to Me?

If you were told the life you were living was as an illusion, what would you be willing to do to find out?

In the 1999 film The Matrix, protagonist Neo is given the choice between a blue pill and a red pill. If he takes the blue pill, he will remain blissfully deluded by the lie of the controlling Matrix: “The story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.” The red pill would free him from slavery, replacing his pleasurable illusions with a harsh reality. If you were told you were living a lie, that you were hooked into a system of vast illusion, what would you do about it? Go on with life, believing whatever you wanted? Or would you want to make certain you weren’t being duped?

Humans are born into something not unlike The Matrix. In the past, this blinding bondage has been called sinful nature, total depravity, or the human condition. People who do not recognize the truth of the gospel – God’s message of salvation – have their eyes veiled or blindfolded ((II Corinthians 4:4). They live in a fantasy world where the truth is hidden from sight.

Those of you who currently see the gospel of Jesus Christ as foolishness or nonsense, I implore you to pray to the very God you doubt exists. Would you ask Him, “If there is any chance I am being lied to, any chance I am living under the influence of illusion and blindfolds, I ask you to lift the veils and show me the truth”? Though I believe it is God Himself who brings people to saving knowledge of Him, the Bible does tells us that those who seek after Him will find Him. Have you sought to find out if He is real? Have you ruled out the chance that you’re living an illusory life? Have you taken the red pill?

Like the movie The Matrix, oftentimes seeing reality as it truly is will be a painful experience. When Neo took the red pill, he went from believing his happy little lie to living a life of danger, facing battle and pain at every turn. This is true with converting to Christianity. For one thing, the weight of having your eyes suddenly opened to the devastation of sin can seemingly crush your inner being. Undoubtedly, alongside all the blessings that come with knowing Christ, you’ll find frightful enemies thrust upon you – enemies hell-bent on your destruction. Christians are also called to suffer. They are called to die to themselves, daily. Dying to yourself doesn’t feel very good.

But it’s not all harsh reality. Much bigger than The Matrix flick can demonstrate, the Truth will set you free. Ultimate satisfaction. Deep, forever-lasting joy. Eternal salvation. Being known and knowing the very Being that created you. Fully embracing the profundity that the God that is so much bigger than you can imagine reached down through time and history to little ‘ol YOU. Having the chance to be on the winning team. And the pleasure of knowing your eyes have been opened to Authenticity.

Blissful illusion that is fleeting?

Harsher reality that ends in Bliss beyond all Bliss?

Blue pill or red pill?


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