Move Over Big Brother – It’s Time for Big Daddy!

Thoughts on parenting and the nanny state:

I noticed today that 2 of my Facebook friends are fans of Michelle Obama. Clicking over to check out her page I was SHOCKED to read this:

“First Lady Michelle Obama joined members of Congress and their families to kick off Let’s Read. Let’s Move. with a local service event. Through this new initiative, government agencies are expanding opportunities to engage young people in summer reading and physical activities and provide access to healthy, affordable food.”


We need the government to convince us to have our kids read, play, and eat well???


Parents, parent your own kids!

Parent your own kids NOW before the government takes over all aspects of your parenting.

The government has been systematically taking over our parenting since at least the 1950’s. And they aren’t doing a very good job of it. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America reveals the motives of some of our leaders in education to usurp the authority of the home and replace it with affinity for the state. Speaking of education, Pastor Voddie Bauchaum made me stop and think when he asked whether those of us who were so against socialized healthcare ever stopped to consider our involvement in socialized education!

This PJTV video came across my Facebook page this afternoon too: These very interesting thoughts on government and fatherhood are worth watching. Did you know that President Obama just allocated 500 million dollars for a Fatherhood, Marriage and Innovation Fund? As the government works in so many ways against fatherhood and families, they have to spend that much more to try to get back some of what they’ve lost.

I understand why people look to government when things are falling apart. We need someone bigger than us to give us direction and purpose. But until you start looking to the only infallible one who can be those things for you, you will come up short. Not only short, but destitute.

As for me, I will continue to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” But my kiddos? They aren’t Caesar’s and he can’t have them.


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