Info Meetings, June 2010

Having just returned from a Classical Conversations’ Parent Practicum, I find myself thoroughly jazzed about how a classical education can help our family achieve the goal of knowing God and making Him known!  I’m also thrilled to become a tutor/mentor for Challenge A (Classical Conversations’ group for middle schoolers) for the upcoming school year, fulfilling my desire of equipping and encouraging homeschool students and parents.

I’ll be holding 2 informational meetings this month regarding this endeavor:

June 16th, 7 to 8:30 p.m. at my home (please email me at onebeggarsbread [at] gmail [dot] com for my home address).

June 19th, 8:30 a.m. at Ettore’s Bakery (2376 Fair Oaks Boulevard) HOPEFULLY in the little room in the back.

Let me know if I should look for you at one of these meetings!

For more info on Challenge, links and audios on this page are very helpful.

Classical Conversations elementary program is worth looking into as well ( or, but unfortunately our Sacramento campus for that age group is already packed!  I have heard there is already buzz about town about starting a second Foundations campus here…

2 thoughts on “Info Meetings, June 2010

  1. I know your kids would like it Sharon, and I bet you would too. I wish I could have that amazing Philip in my middle school group this year!

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