Vasectomy Reversals

In just the past few months I’ve learned that 2 of my friends’ husband have had or are going to have vasectomy reversals!  And one of them is already pregnant!  It is so encouraging and refreshing to see people changing their minds about children and the possibility of having more of them.  Yay for LIFE!

Our Vasectomy Reversal story didn’t have a truly “successful” ending  as far as pregnancy is concerned (though I still have hope after 4 years).

One positive outcome of our reversal NOT working was that we were able to bring a 6 year old boy into our family through adoption — we think we may not have been open to him joining us had we little ones running around (he is challenging, and if he were bigger than the biological kids I already had in the house I’m not sure we could have made it work).

Praise God that he works through our mistakes and that whatever the outcome I am learning to trust that He loves me and that He is sovereign as I learn to be CONTENT in Him!   He is given glory through the way He shepherds us.

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3 thoughts on “Vasectomy Reversals

  1. Just wanted to let you know our workbox Magazine holders are still in great shape! (You commented on my blog but I had no other way to contact you).


  2. anyone even thinking of a vasectomy should realy reconsider i am a mother of seven whos husband had one a month ago and have regretted it since the day after the proceedure please read all the side effects they do not tell you about and be sure that you know there will be regrett

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