Jesse Tree (December 25)

December 25th


A Cross or Empty Tomb



Scripture Reading:

Luke 23:1-5, 13-55; Luke 24:1-12


Main Ideas:

It’s a shame not to take more time here to study the life of Christ.  Please find the time to do this on your own!

What is Christmas, though, without the cross?  Jesus’ death and resurrection are what make us so excited to celebrate His birth — knowing He was born for this purpose.

We’re just reading from Luke today.  Though  the other gospels shed more on what happened during Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, you probably don’t have time to read all of it this Christmas Day! Because some of the answers to the questions below have answers in these other accounts, I suggest you reading the other versions on your own and simply explain these answers to the children you are sharing this study with.

This link will show you some of the messianic prophecies fulfilled by Christ in his death (if you have a better link to a prophecy chart, please let me know!).

If you’d like to read a short but excellent summary of what we’ve learned about God through this Jesse Tree study and why we need Jesus, please click here.  Also, here is a 4-minute video by John MacCarthur explaining The Real Christmas Story.

For Discussion:

  1. Why was Jesus crucified? (Jesus, who had no sin, died in our place. He took God’s judgment of our sin—that is, death—instead of sending us to eternal death in the Lake of Fire.)
  2. When Jesus rose from the dead, over what did he show his power? Over whom did he show his power?  (When Jesus rose from the dead, he showed his power over death, and over sin which causes death. In doing this, Jesus showed his power over Satan.)
  3. How did Jesus fulfill that very first promise that was given to Adam and Eve, that one of Eve’s descendants would crush the head of Satan, and that Satan would wound his heel? (Satan was the one who deceived Eve and brought death into the world. So when Jesus died and rose again, Satan’s power over man through sin and death was destroyed. When Jesus died, it was as if Satan wounded him. But it was only a temporary wound because Jesus rose from the dead, completely defeating Satan, sin and death.)
  4. What should a person do to receive the safety and salvation from sin that Jesus offers us? (According to Jesus words, we must believe who he is and what he did for us.)
  5. What prophecies from our readings were fulfilled in this narration? (The Savior’s hands and feet will be pierced.  The Savior will die with the wicked. They will cast lots for his clothes.  They will laugh at him and curse him.  The Savior will be buried with the rich.  The Savior will become alive again.)

For more information on the tradition of using a Jesse Tree for Advent, please visit this Squidoo page!

For yesterday’s reading, click here.

For access to all the Jesse Tree readings, click here.

Main Resources used for this Jesse Tree Study:

* Christianity is Jewish

* The Story of God and Man a booklet that goes through “narrations” of scripture, starting at the beginning, and brings you through a biblical worldview while building up the story of our Savior.  Email me at for details about getting a copy.

*CRI’s Jesse Tree Scripture Reading List


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