Jesse Tree (December 24)

December 24th


A Storm or Loaves and Fish

Scripture Reading:

John 6:1—15; Matthew 14:22—33; Mark 4:35— 41

Main Ideas:

Yes, it’s a bit untraditional to read about the life of Christ during an Advent study.  But if we stop with His birth — His Glorious Incarnation — we will have missed going deeper into WHO He was and WHY He came!
Please make certain that anyone you are sharing this study with knows that today’s reading is just a SMALL sampling of the many miracles Jesus performed while one earth.  The main idea is to notice that Jesus had/has power over earthly things.  He controls the wind, the rain, water, and even food!

For Discussion (Questions taken from Narration 30 of The Story of God and Man):

  1. After Jesus multiplied the bread and fish, many people followed him. Why did they follow him? (They followed him because he fed them. They wanted to make him king, hoping that he would provide for them and free them from the rule of the Romans.)
  2. Why did Jesus refuse to be their king? (Jesus knew that they didn’t want to be saved from Satan, sin and death. They only wanted a king who would give them earthly things.)
  3. The night that Jesus was in the boat with his disciples, who did the storm obey? (The storm obeyed Jesus.)
  4. Many people said, “Truly, this is the prophet that was promised by God.” And Jesus’ disciples said, “Surely you are the Son of God,” and “Who is this, that even the wind and waves obey him?” Perhaps you, too, have begun to ask yourselves, “Who is this Jesus?” Think about it!

For more information on the tradition of using a Jesse Tree for Advent, please visit this Squidoo page!

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Main Resources used for this Jesse Tree Study:

* Christianity is Jewish

* The Story of God and Man a booklet that goes through “narrations” of scripture, starting at the beginning, and brings you through a biblical worldview while building up the story of our Savior.  Email me at for details about getting a copy.

*CRI’s Jesse Tree Scripture Reading List

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