Jesse Tree (December 21)

December 21st





Scripture Reading:

Matthew 1:18-25

Main Ideas:

Joseph was a godly, upstanding man in his community who loved Mary.  Imagine his emotional response when he found out Mary was pregnant and he knew he had nothing to do with it!  Under the law, Joseph could have had Mary stoned but being a decent, kind man he decided to “divorce” her quietly (even though they weren’t yet married, the Jews of the time took engagement to be a serious commitment!).  Once God spoke to Joseph and explained, Joseph had faith (just like Mary had!) to believe and trust in God’s plan.

For Discussion:

There are 2 names given in this passage for the baby that was to be the Last Lamb.  What were the names, and what did they mean?

For more information on the tradition of using a Jesse Tree for Advent, please visit this Squidoo page!

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Main Resources used for this Jesse Tree Study:

* Christianity is Jewish

* The Story of God and Man a booklet that goes through “narrations” of scripture, starting at the beginning, and brings you through a biblical worldview while building up the story of our Savior.  Email me at for details about getting a copy.

*CRI’s Jesse Tree Scripture Reading List

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