Jesse Tree (December 11th)

December 11th





Scripture Reading:

I Samuel 8:2-22

Main Ideas:

This story is about the beginning of the kings of Israel.  God wanted Jewish nation to have no king besides Him.  But as He often does with us, God gave the Israelites what they wanted so they would realize nothing satisfies but God alone.


Discussion Questions:

1.  What do you learn about God from these verses?

2.  What did God tell the Jewish people would happen if they got a king?  Did that stop them from wanting a king?

3.  Why do you think God gave the people a king, knowing what would happen?

For more information on the tradition of using a Jesse Tree for Advent, please visit this Squidoo page!

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Main Resources used for this Jesse Tree Study:

* Christianity is Jewish

* The Story of God and Man a booklet that goes through “narrations” of scripture, starting at the beginning, and brings you through a biblical worldview while building up the story of our Savior.  Email me at for details about getting a copy.


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