Jesse Tree (December 7)

December 7th


Check out this website for adorable Jesse Tree ornament ideas!

A Coat of Many Colors

Scripture Reading:

The story of Joseph is a long and interesting one!  You can read it all out loud (Genesis 37; 39:1-50:21), read the whole thing yourself and narrate the story for the children, or find a child’s story book to read aloud.

Main Ideas:

My favorite part of the history of Joseph is God’s amazing providence!  God always has a plan, and no one can stand in His way.  God is in the business of turning what others mean for evil into something used for His glory (which ends up also being for OUR good!)

Discussion Questions (these questions were taken from The Story of God and Man*):

  1. Tell me what you saw of God’s character in this story.
  2. Explain one of Joseph’s dreams and its meaning.  (That Joseph would someday have a position of authority over his parents and brothers.)
  3. Who knows future events? (Only God knows the future.)
  4. Why did Joseph’s brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt? (They hated him because their father loved him more than he loved them, and because of his dreams. First they decided to kill him; then they sold him as a slave.)
  5. If Joseph had not gone to Egypt, what would have happened to Jacob and his family in the time of great hunger? (All of them would have died from starvation.)
  6. When Joseph revealed himself to them, the brothers were afraid that he would take revenge on them. But what did Joseph believe about the evil they had done? (Joseph said that God had brought him to Egypt ahead of them to save their lives. He said that it was not the brothers who sent him there, but God.)
  7. Does God have the power to use bad things for good purposes? (Yes. God is all powerful. He knows everything and has authority over all our lives.)

For more information on the tradition of using a Jesse Tree for Advent, please visit this Squidoo page!

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Resources used for this study:

* Christianity is Jewish

* The Story of God and Man a booklet that goes through “narrations” of scripture, starting at the beginning, and brings you through a biblical worldview while building up the story of our Savior.  Email me at for details about getting a copy.


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