One Family’s Jesse Tree

I asked my cousin Chrissie Love to email me photos of her family’s Jesse Tree.

It’s just adorable!

Isn't an Advent Calendar a great idea for a Jesse Tree?

The Love family used the patterns for the little ornaments from Let’s Make a Jesse Tree.

Darling little ornments! Please click to enlarge photo.

They made their own tree to hang on the wall, and made a pocket calendar to hold the symbols.  Each day of December, one of the kids takes a symbol out of the pocket and puts it on the tree, starting at the bottom and leading up to the birth of Christ!

Each pocket holds a surprise symbol to go along with the day's scripture reading.

Chrissie really found Let’s Make a Jesse Tree helpful.  Making the Jesse Tree into an advent calendar helps keep everything together during the off-season.  This calendar is also very durable.

There are so many great ways to make a Jesse Tree work for your family!  Please click here for more ideas.


6 thoughts on “One Family’s Jesse Tree

  1. I really like the simple design? Any recommendations or tips for sewing the date-pockets on? It looks like they were sewn in a strip….sort of!?
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Michelle, I used craft felt for all the ornaments, embellished with embroidery floss. The hanging itself is made out of quilting fabric.

    Margit, thanks! I made the hanging up as I went, so unfortunately I don’t have the best instructions for you, but here’s basically what I did:
    Yes, I used strips for the pockets. I cut strips about 1″ taller than I wanted them to be when finished and a lot longer than the hanging was wide. First I folded down about 1/2″ along the whole top and top-stitched it down to create a finished top edge. Then, along the length of the strip, I measured out my pockets, adding 2″ in between each pocket. I think I marked it with a fabric pencil. Then I folded the strip to create the pockets -where I had added 2″ in between the pockets, I folded 1/2″ in toward the middle on each side, creating that envelope sort of thing in between each pocket. I ironed it down. Next I placed the strip on the wall hanging, upside down, right sides together (make sense?), and I sewed the strip on -keeping all the folded/ironed pieces in place -along the bottom, about 1/2″ from the bottom. So, if you can picture it, at this point the strip was hanging upside down and was facing backwards. I then flipped the strip up and ironed it down along the line I had just stitched. Last, I stitched down the center of each of my envelopes, which secured the strip and pockets to the quilt. The ends were finished by basting them to the front of the hanging and then sandwiching them when I attached the backing.
    I hope that makes enough sense! Good luck with your own creation!

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