Jesse Tree (December 1)

For more information on the tradition of using a Jesse Tree for Advent, please visit this Squidoo page!

December 1st


The World

Scripture Reading:

Genesis 1; Genesis 2:15-25

Main Idea:

God created the world and all that is within it by HIS WORDS ALONE.  That’s amazing!  When he was done, He said it was good.  When God made humans the final (working) day of creation, He said it was VERY good!

Discussion Questions (these questions were taken from Narrations 3 and 4 of The Story of God and Man*):

After reading Genesis 1:

  1. What did God use to create all the things He made? (God didn’t use a single thing. He created by speaking a word.)
  2. What attributes of God does this show us? (It shows us that God is all powerful. He knows everything.)
  3. Name the things that God created during the six days of creation. (Water, light, the sky, dry land, the sun, moon and stars, plants and trees, fish and birds, and animals.)
  4. God created all these things. What does this tell us about God? (It tells us that God is the one and only, most important One. He is all powerful; everything comes from Him; God rules over everything.)
  5. What did God say about His creation? (He said it was good.)
  6. If everything God made was good, what does that say about God’s character? (It says that God is totally good. There is no bad or evil in Him. He is absolutely holy.)

After reading Genesis 2:15-25:

  1. In whose image did God create man and woman? (He created man and woman in His own image—the  image of God.)
  2. In what ways are we created in the image of God? (We have an unseen part which is called soul and spirit. This means we have life from Him. It means we can think, decide, feel emotion and respond to God—and more!)
  3. God knew about Adam’s loneliness. How did He fulfill this need of Adam’s? (He created Eve.)
  4. God fulfilled Adam’s needs! What does this tell us about God’s character and attributes? (God cares for us. He is a God of mercy and love.)

* The Story of God and Man is a little book written to help Christians, especially missionaries to foreign cultures, explain the truth of God from the beginning of scripture/time.  Going through this book is like doing a Jesse Tree study on steroids!  Great stuff!   Email me at for more information about the book.

November 30th Reading

December 2nd Reading


2 thoughts on “Jesse Tree (December 1)

  1. I think I’m going to do this with my 4th graders. I’ll have to double up on quite a few days, with weekends and Christmas break to account for…but I like this!

  2. Let me know how it goes, sis! And if you need any supplies, maybe I can help. I thought of offering to make some Sculpey ornaments for your classroom, but they may not be good for a big group. Let’s talk.

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