Jesse Tree (November 30)

Ah, Advent! A time of anticipation and wonder! It’s time to dust off our little Jesse Tree and spend the month of December traveling through the first “advent” together. Looking back from the beginning of time to the fullness of time, we trace God’s hand in history. We feel the painful consequences of sin with Adam and Eve; we cringe to discover with Cain that good intentions are simply not enough; our hearts flutter when we read Isaiah telling of Christ’s arrival 700 years before He was born! How remarkable to discover that from the beginning God had a plan! Oh the beauty of knowing we are loved from so long ago!

Visit this blog for daily Jesse Tree readings this Advent season.

For more Jesse Tree devotional options (including a few pages of free downloadable ornaments), please visit this Squidoo page at

November 30

Scripture Reading:

Isaiah 11:1-10


A Tree of some sort (we bought a little tabletop artificial Christmas tree but the possibilities are endless)

Main Thoughts:

A Jesse Tree is a bit like a family tree for Jesus.  Some people like to call it a Jesus Tree!  We read in Isaiah 11 that the Messiah would come from the “root of Jesse.”  Jesse was the father of David – do you remember David the famous king of Israel?  We can trace Jesse’s and David’s descendants through time down to Jesus.  Our Jesse Tree won’t be exactly like a family tree, tho.  Instead of simply tracing Jesus’ ancestors (we wouldn’t have the time to do that this month anyway!) we will take a bird’s eye view of God’s plan throughout the history revealed in the Old Testament.

We’ll spend a little time each day over the month of December looking back over history and talking about what we can discover about God, about man, and about the Story of all Stories!

Reading for December 1st

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