Menu Plan for the 1st Week in October

(For links to recipes, see the monthly list)


(bake bread for week)

B – English Muffin Egg Sandwiches

L – Bean-a-dillas, broccoli/carrots/ranch

D – Pizza and Caesar Salad w/ my parents


B – Steel Cut Oats

L – Lunch w/ Lawrys

D – Chicken Soup


(grocery shop)

B – Cereal

L – Chicken Soup

D – Roast Beef Sandwiches and Leftover Soup


B – Go out to bagels!

L – 7 Layer Dip, Chips, Raw Carrots/Apple Slices

D – Cream of Broccoli Soup


(make purees for Sneaky Chef stuff)

B – Cream of Wheat

L – Leftover Soup

D – Migas Tacos


B – gf Waffles

L – PB and J or leftovers

D – Bring Papa Murphy’s Pizza to the Drakes’


B – Oatmeal

L – Quick Fix Mac n’ Cheese and Raw Veggies

D – Migas Tacos (kids are making dinner for us for our anniversary)


B – Blackberry Quinoa

L – Bean-a-dillas and raw veggies (get cheese enchiladas fixed — one for tomorrow, one for freezer for the menfolk when I’m gone!)

D – Out to eat for Oompa’s birthday


B – Steel Cut Oats

L and D – Cheese Enchiladas

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