Menu Plan…Wednesday!


Golden Oats


Sourdough English Muffins — Egg Sandwiches or toasted w/ jelly

Eggs, to order

The Nourishing Gourmet’s Sourdough Pancakes


PB and J



Leftover Beans and Cornbread

Bean Burrittos


Cowboy Nachos (Monday — I’m not using brisket for these, but just ground beef mixed w/ tom sauce, I think)  Addendum:  I made a variation of these nachos tonight that was sooooooo good!  I used mexican tomato sauce in the ground beef, and made a sauce that was a variation of this recipe.  I’ll update a link when I write out exactly how I made the sauce — it was seriously yummy.

Turkey Soup (2 nights)

Beans and Cornbread (these were so good last week, we’re doing them again!)

Chicken Caesar Salad


Apple Pie and Ice Cream for Saturday Night

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