Thanksgiving Week

I followed a link from Cook Like Your Grandmother over to The Pioneer Woman Cooks and found myself lost in her gorgeous photos and delightful wit for the past 2 hours!  Have a look around!  She even shares her Thanksgiving Cooking Schedule.  So many good ideas and such pretty photos that my menu this week will center around Pioneer Woman’s website.


Golden Oats

Egg Burrittos

Oatmeal x 2

Sourdough English Muffins — Egg Sandwiches or toasted w/ jelly

Eggs, to order

The Nourishing Gourmet’s Sourdough Pancakes


PB and J


Leftover Chicken Soup

Leftover Potato Soup

Beans and Cornbread

Bean Burrittos


Chicken Rice Soup (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Chicken Pot Pie (Friday)

Cowboy Nachos (Monday — I’m not using brisket for these, but just ground beef mixed w/ tom sauce, I think)

Bean and Bacon Soup with a healthy salad (Saturday)

(Sunday…find leftovers or bust out the frozen turkey?)

Thanksgiving Day:

I only have to bring bread and potatoes and pie to Mom’s for Thanksgiving this year — woo hoo!

I haven’t decided between chocolate pie or pumpkin pie.  Doesn’t this chocolate pie look exquisite?


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