Menu Plan Monday

Food Food Food! Last week we saved so much money by eating a nice turkey dinner and turkey leftovers and more turkey leftovers! And we didn’t even get to the turkey enchiladas (I still have turkey pieces and turkey broth in the freezer). I think I’ll have to do a turkey once a month in the cold weather — I love the frugal feeling turkey brings!

I’m going to step down my wheat-intake this week as I’ve had some health problems showing up that were not around when I was wheat-free. I am going to try to only ingest my homemade sourdough as far as wheat goes…


English Muffins w/ Jelly


Oatmeal x 2

Golden Oats

Eggs, to order

Cereal or Sourdough Pancakes (depending upon whether there is “healthy” cereal on sale tomorrow)


Turkey Soup leftovers and quesadillas for boys

Pot Roast leftovers

PB and J at the park, carrot sticks, apples, Activia (twice)

Bean Burritos for kiddos (cottage cheese and pineapple for me)

Smoothies, apples w/ almond butter

Leftover enchiladas


Pot Roast

Green Chili (Turkey) Enchildada Casserole

Chicken Caesar Salad (grilled boneless chicken thighs over a bed of romaine mixed w/ dressing, parm cheese, and croutons)

Black Beans and Ham (pg 87 of Fix it and Forget Recipes for Entertaining) over rice, salad

Mrs. Keller’s Beef n’ Barley Soup


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