Things I’m Thankful for on Election Night

I posted this on my Facebook page on Election Night:

1. As much as I don’t think this election was about race, it is neat to show the world our country has healed racism enough to be able to have a black president! I rejoice in this historical step.

2. I am glad Sarah Palin will not be taken away from her biggest priorities — her cute little baby, and her daughter’s upcoming marriage and birth. I was feeling apprehensive about the stress being in the White House would put on their family.

3. To steal the thoughts of some commentator (Eric Houge, I think) we heard on the radio on the way home from scouts, Obama as president and Democrat-controlled Senate and House will be BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY, BUT GOOD FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. A friend at scouts said something simliar, that this will probably really cause folks in the Conservative camp to get their acts together. Another friend put it this way, “May God use this to purify the bride of Christ.” I think a lot of us are waking up out of slumber and will not continue to sit on our hands as the world passes by.

4. It looks as though Prop 8 will pass! I am going to bed on that happy thought, at least!
I’m hoping Churches all over California beging to teach Worldview 101 (The Truth Project is a good place to start) and stop fearing discussions of homosexuality and abortion from the pulpit. The bible MUST be applied to the time we live in, or what’s the point?

5. I just read the story of Jesus calming the storm (for Community Bible Study) and was reminded that Jesus could sleep through a deathly storm because He already knew Who was in control! And He acted so surprised at the disciples’ dismay and fear…reminding me that there is nothing to fear, God can rebuke wind and rain, the hearts of the kings are in his hands. We are in good hands! We’re “safe”, maybe not by our standards, but by eternal ones at least. And I rejoice and rest in that safety!


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