Post-Election Quips and Quotes

As much as I did not want President Elect Obama to win this election, I am (surprisingly) at peace that he did win! I’m grateful for my theology that reminds me God is always on His throne, and it was God Himself who appointed Obama as our leader for this time. I will honor God by recognizing Obama is in office because of God’s sovereignty.

Will President Elect Obama’s time in office be for our good or our harm? Only God knows, but I can pray and hope for the best while standing guard against evil.

Thanks to my sister, I was reminded by John Mark Reynolds in Morning in America that we can be part of the “loyal opposition” (isn’t that wonderful phraseology?):

“President-elect Obama will soon be my head of state. I will pray for him daily and for his success. He is my president and it is my duty to do so.

“In our system, President-elect Obama is also the head of government. In those terms, I am part of the loyal opposition. I will support President Obama when his policies are sound and give forceful reasons to oppose them if they lurch to the left. A loyal opposition is always hopeful that the Other Party will govern better than they have promised—the real world often tempers messianic dreams, but is ready to quip and quarrel if not.”

The age-old adage, Love God and Honor the King comes to mind.

It’s my duty to honor President Elect Obama in any way I can. I will stand behind him whenever I can and pray for his success. Of course, when it comes to his policies on abortion, I cannot and will not stand with him but will pray with fervor and take any actions I can to protect the unborn.

Stand to Reason had an interesting post that was on one hand celebrating this historic moment of our country electing a black man to presidency and on the other hand mourning the fact that because of supreme court appointees President Elect Obama is likely to choose we will probably never see equal rights for all humans anytime soon.

Reading the same post, commenter Mike Adair (check out his animation called David’s New Snail — hilariously adorable!) had this to say:

I am thrilled we reached this landmark as a country – the first African American President. Isn’t it just a little ironic (and horrific) that millions of future Americans will never learn of it?”

In another place, Mr. Adair goes on to explain,

The triumph of African Americans seems a little hollow when so many Americans are daily oppressed and disposed of because they are deemed sub-human. I wish it wasn’t so.”

When you consider how abortion has been used as a racist tactic against African Americans, it is quite ironic that our first black president is so wildly pro-choice. I, too, wish it wasn’t so.

One more thing has my attention this election week. The news media keeps singing the praises of how the 18 to 30 crowd continues to vote increasingly “progressive” each election. I really cannot help but think this “great change” is due to the incredible influence over our nation’s children through public education and media (through sheer volume of time a certain set of values is being passed on to kids).

Voddie Baucham said it this way,

“The neo-Marxist left has achieved cultural hegemony. Through the news media, government education, and the entertainment media, Americans have been shaped and molded into the kind of people who view Ron Paul as a political hack, while applauding gay marriage (one of the first lines out of Obama’s mouth last night was an acknowledgement of homosexuals), wealth redistribution, and government intervention in the free market! How ironic. We sent our children to Caesar for their education, and yesterday they voted just like Romans (the majority of 18-30 year-olds flooded the polls for Obama whether they were professing “Christian” or not). These young people believe hatred and racism are America’s biggest problems, and that the election of Mr. Obama is the cure (along with Hate Crimes Legislation). They believe America is evil because we don’t have universal healthcare like the Europeans. They believe homosexuality is innate, the existence poverty is a sin, and abortion is an ethical (and completely personal) means of birth control. They believe in anthropogenic global warming, Darwinian evolution, Gramscian Marxism, and Freudian Psychology. In short, they believe what they’ve been taught during their 14,000 hours of government indoctrination. And yesterday, we saw the culmination of this cultural hegemony as Obama beat McCain like a tied up goat.”

This week I’ve been seriously contemplating why biblical Christians would want to continue to keep their children in government school, when the product of such schooling becomes more and more apparent. I’m hoping God moves in more hearts of Christian parents, to begin a solid biblical education with their kids — either by dedicated and deep afterschooling or by providing them a government-free education.

Whenever my kids start to bug me, I remind myself the alternative to having them at home is sending them off to Caesar. No way! These kids were given to me by God, Caesar cannot have them. Here’s Voddie reminding me:

5 thoughts on “Post-Election Quips and Quotes

  1. You know, sis, I’ve had an ASTONISHING number of students who have told me that their parents will not tell them who they’re voting for. Talk about sad. Their parents are virtually handing the right to influence their kids solely to the schools.

    If we have kids, I still would love to be able to stay home with them, but I do think that some students (me for example 🙂 ) do really well in public schools. These are students whose parents have very strong beliefs, and voice them constantly to their own children. When there’s a weak influence at home, there’s not a chance that the kid will make it out of school unswayed.

  2. I totally wrote a response, and I guess it went out into cyberspace somewhere!!

    No, I don’t think there is a way to subscribe to comments on WordPress. I should suggest that to them, I guess!

    I can’t believe you have so many parents who don’t tell their kids how they are voting. The parents don’t feel responsible for their kids’ political thought process — at least getting it going? I guess it’s part of that idea of “don’t tell Johnny what’s right or wrong, wait until he grows up and decides for himself.” I have heard this idea with regard to religion. But guess what, padres, if you aren’t teaching Johnny, someone else is going to! Yikes!!

    Yes, some kids can survive and even thrive in public school. But, I do think we need to stop and wonder about the connection between so many young Christians thinking like the rest of the world and the amazing amount of time they spend being raised by the rest of the world (in media and school).

    I just want parents to realize it takes work to get to know your children and help them learn to know scripture and think like Christians. It can be done by after-schooling, but HOURS of time need to be dedicated to this kind of discipleship. I admire people who can do that — I don’t have it in me to have my thumbs in both pies.

    Of course, homeschooling can screw up kids too. I know parents who have protected their kids from the “world” all the while not teaching them a biblical worldview. This will also produce a child who doesn’t know how to think!

    We need a generation of thinkers and leaders (Have you read A Thomas Jefferson Education — wowsers, it’s good! It’s all about conveyor-belt education v. tutoring/classical ed.) and I have been impressed with many homeschooling teens I’ve met. But it’s not like homeschooling is magic, it’s biblical training that’s the ticket. That CAN be done while kids go to public school, but must mean great sacrifice of time and activities on the behalf of the parents.

    Our kids know a lot more about abortion and homosexuality than I wish they knew at their ages. But when this stuff surrounds us, it has to be talked about and processed in light of God’s Truth!

    I love you and miss you sis.

    And yes, you did turn out GREAT! And yes, we do have STRONG and LOVELY Christian parents, don’t we!!?? We are blessed!!!!

  3. “This week I’ve been seriously contemplating why biblical Christians would want to continue to keep their children in government school”

    Well, Christa home-schooled her kids for a few years, and Jimmy wanted he to keep doing so, but he said it was her idea to quit and send them to public school because between her job and her other domestic chores, it was too much, I guess.

    And then I see that your sister pretty much brings up the same point.

    That said, yay that you can do it. Good home-schooling is better than fascist government school.

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