What the Bible Says about Gay Marriage

As Christians, nothing should dictate our political views more than God’s views. If we discover God thinks differently than we are inclined to do, we need to ask Him to change our hearts and begin to bend towards His ways.

“For your ways are not my ways, nor are my thoughts your thoughts!”

Christians need to be able to accept on faith that the rules and ideals God gives were done for our own good, and with good reason. What is good for Christians is good for society – and our country was built on Christian principles. (Don’t let anyone feed you the lie about “Separation between Church and State” – this is a relatively NEW concept that has been brought about to send Christians into the closet with their faith, separating religious thought from real life.)

God created marriage when He created Adam and Eve – at the very beginning! He made them male and female to complement one another, and made them stewards over the earth and animals while asking them to “be fruitful and multiply.” (Genesis 1:26-28)

God created woman as a special creation to become a helper to the man he had already created – to complete the man He had already created. God knew what the man needed – men were created to need women! At this time, God said “for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife and the two shall be one flesh” (Genesis 2:18, 21-24).

Why does God hate divorce? Because He Himself made a man and a woman “one,” and desired from them godly offspring (we’ve all seen how broken kids come from broken homes! A mom and dad who are truly One together in Christ tend to produce offspring who are godly – not sinless, or perfect, but followers of God and good citizens to boot!)(Malachi 2:15).

It is a profound mystery the deep and abiding way that God loves the Church. One of God’s intentions with marriage is to represent to the world the relationship within the Trinity and the relationship between God and us. The reason God wants the wives to submit to the husbands and the husbands to love their wives enough to lay down their lives for her is because these roles are representative of a Bigger Picture, representative of the roles the Father and Son play, or God and the Church play. We are to learn about God by understanding marriage. Ephesians 5:22-33

God says homosexuality is a sin (Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, I Cor 6:9-10, Rom. 1:26-28).
Finally, God says, “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” (Hebrews 13:4)

5 thoughts on “What the Bible Says about Gay Marriage

  1. Hi there,
    I left a response to your question over on my blog but then I thought it might be more efficient to leave one here.
    Absolutely! Quote away. I’m sorry thoughts like this even have to spend any time in our minds but that’s life in the fallen world.
    I love your blog and will pass it along to my wife.
    Great variety and nicely laid out. Anyone with RC Sproul on their book list is ok with me 🙂

  2. “Why does God hate divorce? Because He Himself made a man and a woman “one,” and desired from them godly offspring … (Malachi 2:15).”

    Yes, that passage is very tribal. But I do not see how divorce relates to gay marriage. God has not made Adam and Steve one.

    “What God has joined together let not man put asunder.” ( Matthew 19:6)

    He joined the husband and wife, made them one, and man lacks authority to sunder that, so man’s sundering of it does usurp God’s authority by undoing God’s action. Reason enough there for God to hate divorce.

    Faith is not inherited. Perhaps the Malachi passage is using “godly” wrt works only. God can raise up descendants of Abraham from stones. Gentiles. Not the issue of a Jewish marriage.

  3. Oh, and I love your quote from Isaiah 55:8.

    I learned that phrasing from a great American novel years before I got saved.

    “You have a friend, and his ways are your ways. You travel together, you spree together confidentially, and you suit each other down to the ground. Then one day you find him putting his iron on another man’s calf. You tell him fair and square those ways have never been your ways and ain’t going to be your ways.”

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