Top 8 Reasons Christians Think They Should Be in Favor of Gay Marriage

I wrote this little post in response to discovering a dear cousin of mine has been encouraging other Christians to vote “no” on Prop 8 here in California. This cousin is a born-again believer, and states that she believes the bible and believes that homosexuality is a sin, but that separation between church and state exists for a reason.

If you are interested in what the Bible says about homosexuality, check out some of these verses. As Christians, the Bible should always be our starting point and foundation.

Top 8 Reasons Christians Think They Should Support Gay Marriage

1. Jesus never specifically condemned homosexuality, so neither should we.

Good Christians know we are to accept anything Jesus didn’t mention specifically like bestiality, incest, pedophilia, rape, slavery, wife-beating, and substance abuse.

2. Since God made gay people that way, they cannot be held morally responsible for their homosexual behavior. Disregard the fact that no scientist has yet to prove there is a gay-gene (and overlook that a very high percentage of gay people have been sexually abused or have had a distant or abusive father and a controlling mother); the fact is that scientists just may prove someday that there are genetic links to same-sex orientation. They may also find genetic inclinations to anger, violence, alcoholism, over-eating or pedophilia. Or course Christians should condone anything inherent in human nature, because the doctrine of Original Sin is so old school. Spousal abuse should be considered acceptable for those who may be genetically inclined toward violence, and we ought to disregard drunk-driving laws for those possibly predisposed to alcoholism. Some men confess that they are simply compelled to have sex with small children. Because they cannot help themselves, we should make sure they are not made to feel guilty for acting out their impulses; these men should have equal opportunity to teach elementary school, adopt children, or hang out at playgrounds.

3. As an American Christian, I cherish the idea of civil rights and don’t want to see anyone denied those rights. Gay people should be allowed civil and constitutional rights — like the right to vote, the right to free speech and religion, and the right to “due process of the law.” Oh, wait a minute, I guess gay people as a class have never been denied civil or constitutional rights (as happened to black people in America).

4. As a Christian, I believe in equality. Yes, everything should be equal; there is nothing that matters more than anything else. Instead of being honored as the bedrock of healthy families and civilization as a whole, marriage should be seen as just another relationship, no different than any other. Because marriage is nothing special, it should have no particular benefits nor privileges. Although marriage has been previously viewed as a privilege granted by the State to help grow strong societies, I think it should now be considered an “equal right” for anyone who desires it. The same goes for driver’s licenses. These have formally been given only as a privilege to those who qualify, but from now on they should be given to anyone who desires one, even those who are legally blind.

5. As Christians, we shouldn’t take amending our State’s Constitution lightly. Forget that California voters loudly made themselves clear in 2000 that they don’t want gay marriage legalized, the judges who reinterpreted the Constitution to say that it already allowed for gay marriage should be heeded. We are not a strict democracy, you know, and the voice of the people (and the historical interpretation of the Constitution) should mean nothing.

6. I know the Bible says homosexuality is wrong, but I believe in the separation of church and state; the church doesn’t have to support gay marriage just because the State recognizes it. I know Canadian pastors are no longer allowed to preach that homosexuality is a sin, and that in Massachusetts a Catholic adoption agency (that had placed orphans into homes for 100 years) was forced to shut down because they refused to place children into gay marriages — but these things won’t happen here.

7. We cannot legislate morality. All laws on the books having anything to do with legislating morality ought to be dropped immediately, including but not limited to laws regarding cheating, child abuse, pedophilia, murder, and abortion.

8. I feel sorry for committed gay partners who just want the benefits of being married. California Family Code Section 297.5 says that domestic partners have all the rights, protections, and benefits that apply to married couples, but this is not enough. It is better to force society to give up the long-standing (since Adam and Eve) definition of the word “marriage” so that gay couples can feel better about themselves.

(See what France, a liberal country with generous civil union laws, recently decided about the legitimacy of gay marriage — )


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