Menu Plan for the Week


Egg Burritos

Soaked Oatmeal x 2

Golden Oats

Sourdough Pancakes

Eggs, to order

Cereal (I still let my kids have cereal once a week…)


PB and Honey, Yogurt w/ Blueberries

PB and J for park day, carrots, pineapple

Cheese and Crackers, apples, muffins from freezer

Leftover Lentil Soup

English Muffin Pizzas (have this 2 days to use up pepperoni)


Pot Roast

Leftover Pot Roast w/ salad and quesadillas

Chicken Noodle Soup (x2)

Chicken Legs w/ Wingers-type sauce (Franks Red Hot mixed w/ brown sugar), salad

Bunless Cheeseburgers, Red Potato Baked Fries, Salad, Steamed Green Beans

Lentil and Sausage Soup

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