Menu Plan Monday

We ended up going out to eat a lot last week. I can’t believe what a bad habit we’ve gotten ourselves into! “We will not go out to eat this week!” “We will not go out to eat this week!” (If I say it enough times, maybe I will begin to live it out…!)

We’ve been spending money on frivolous food that is not good for our bodies or our bank account and I AM SICK OF IT.

How do we save money and move toward healthier eating? I’m not sure, but I do know that just not eating out will be a step toward health.

Here’s the At-Home-I-Promise Menu for the week. Check Org Junkie for lots more ideas.


Breakfast — Homemade Sourdough English Muffins (yum, oh, yum — these were good!) with homemade grape jelly; scrambled eggs with cheese

Lunch — Leftover Chicken and Veggie Soup, Sourdough Toast, Yogurt with blueberries

Dinner — Chicken Caesar Salad with Red Potato Fries


Breakfast — Soaked Oats

Lunch — Quesadillas, Apple Slices w/ Almond Butter

Dinner — To Go (early Scouts field trip):  Find something at Trader Joe’s today, like salami/cheese/crackers?


Breakfast — Cold Cereal; Cottage Cheese and fruit for me

Lunch — To Go Lunch consisting of PB & J, Activia, and carrot sticks

Dinner — Pot Roast


Breakfast — Golden Oats

Lunch — Chicken Parmesano (cook this in the a.m. and re-heat after P.E. Class)

Dinner — Leftover Pot Roast (make chicken chili tonight and refrigerate)


Breakfast —

Lunch — Caesar Salad and hard-boiled eggs

Dinner — Tonya’s Chicken Chili (Hernandezes here for dinner); make sourdough bread and hot apple cider, prepare orange slices — for Reformation Party


Breakfast — Eggs, to order

Lunch — Leftover Chicken Chili or forage!

Dinner — Black Peppercorn Tuna (pg 390 of Carbohydrate Addicted Kids) and a side salad


Breakfast — Sourdough Pancakes

Lunch — Something Easy…Bean Burritos?  Sunday afternoons are the hardest time for our family NOT to go out to eat.  It’s so nice to stop somewhere on the way home from church.  Maybe we should leave this as our once-a-week-out time?

Dinner — Ricotta Gnocchi

Monday: Think dinner for New Mom!!??!


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