Menu Plan Monday (an attempt to lower carbs)

When I let wheat back into my life, the door was opened for all manner of nasty, unhealthy foods. I’m not quite ready to go Stage 1 of the South Beach Diet, but I am convinced I need to lower my carbohydrate intake. I’ll start with obvious things like no longer drinking any of my husband’s sodas nor eating dessert every day! I also need to up my veggie intake.

I purchased a sourdough starter last week and am trying to make bread out of it this week — with fear and trepidation. I’ll post about how that goes. I’m also going to try a sourdough pancake recipe!

I planned a lot of meals this week from The Fat-Resistance Diet book. This book is not just a diet book, but an excellent cookbook. The meals are gourmet-like in freshness and quality. This is the only diet I’ve ever truly lost weight doing. It did not feel like a diet because the food is fresh and healthy. Sort of a lower-fat, lower-carb Nourishing Traditions. I stopped doing this before because of the great expense of certain ingredients, but I’d like to do a more moderate version of this diet again. Now that we are more used to buying fresh veggies (and I know where to get certain things cheaper) I don’t think this diet would be so hard on the pocketbook.

For lots more menu planning ideas and recipes, go to Organization Junkie!


The Nourishing Gourmet’s Sourdough Pancakes (cottage cheese for me)

Scrambled Eggs

Multi-grain Breakfast Cereal

Frittata with Fresh Herbs and Cheese


Yogurt Parfaits x 2


Leftovers whenever possible!

Chicken Caesar Salad (grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, parm cheese, Caesar dressing, optional croutons) served with sourdough bread (hopefully!) for a lunch-time guest.

Garden Salad and Hard-boiled eggs

Tuna on sourdough (again, hopefully!) for the kids, Tuna Avocado Lettuce Wrap (FRD) for me

Immune Power Soup

Greek Salad


Korean-Style Beef and Vegetables (from The Fat-Resistance Diet)

Chicken Parmigiano (also from Fat-Resistance Diet)

Chicken Soup (2 dinners)

Pomegranate Chicken (one more from the Fat-Resistance Diet)



Black Forest Banana Split (Fat-Resistance Diet; ricotta cheese, a banana, walnuts, unsweetened cocoa, and cherry concentrate).

Blueberries and Yogurt



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