I’m voting “Democrat” this election

Frustration cursed throughout my veins watching the last presidential debate. Barack Obama’s comments made me want to cry, especially his glossing over letting survivors of abortion perish in cold and discomfort* and his false notions of economic security and “spreading the wealth”. But John McCain didn’t float my boat either. I was surprised by how Big Government he really is. Where are the true conservatives?

Bemoaning this to a friend of mine, she informed me that this 2008 United States presidential election has come down to 2 men: a Socialist, and a Democrat.

It’s hard to vote for a “Democrat” like McCain. It is. But I cannot, I will not, I should not, I would not vote for a Socialist.

I had a thought about the morning-after-election. If Obama wins, I will see that clearly as God removing his hand of protection from us. A Cosmic Spanking. And that could be a good thing for our country. No pain, no gain, right? Throughout the history of the U.S., it has been pain (natural disasters, economic hardship, the threat of evil) that has driven us back into the arms of God. We could use a wake-up call.

But I’m not going to vote for punishment! I’m going to beg God to continue showing us mercy when we don’t deserve it, and to move in the hearts of our people to draw us back to Himself.

*Here’s a good video explaining why we needed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. And did you know Hilary Clinton and Barbara Boxer (among many other pro-choice leaders) voted FOR the final version of this law? It passed with a majority vote of both Democrats and Republicans. The people of the United States of America need to realize how MUCH MORE LIBERAL Barack Obama is than MOST of his contemporaries…


One thought on “I’m voting “Democrat” this election

  1. .

    I wonder how many Americans will vote against Obama.

    In California, our votes against Obama are likely worthless, since the state over-all winner gets all the state’s electoral votes. So, even a district which votes for an elector for McCain, it doesn’t count for McCain. Unless the electors ignore the rules.

    I voted absentee ballot last week. Yes on 6 and 8. No to the big 0. I.e., Yes to McPalin.


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