Barack Obama and Friends

My husband introduced me to listening to Sean Hannity on the radio a few years ago. If I’m ever in the car while Hannity is on, I enjoy catching up on politics. Although very conservative, Sean seems very down-to-earth and well, normal! We don’t have cable, so I’ve never really seen the Hannity and Colmes show. We received an email yesterday with links to a Sean Hannity’s America production called “Barack Obama and Friends: A History of Radicalism” and enjoyed watching the segments.

This video series has 5 parts to it, each around 8 minutes long. Personally, if you can only watch one or two of these segments, I recommend parts 5 and 6. (Part 6 is embedded above.) Part 5 covers Mr. Obama’s connections with some blatantly anti-Israel people; part 6 is about his involvement in community organizing and ACORN. I found the Part 1 a bit dry, and skipped the 4th segment for now because I just can’t stand to hear any more about Jeremiah Wright.

The links listed below make up the entire report:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

One more thing. I know it is “common knowledge” that Mr. Obama leans toward Socialism (at least common knowledge to those of us who know what Socialism is!) but did you know one of his mentors was a full-fledged Communist? Sean Hannity (surprisingly) never touches on this fact (maybe Mr. Obama has too many friends for a short TV program) but if you are interested in reading about this connection, click here and here.

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