Menu Plan Monday, Finally

I’m back to eating gluten. I’ve very much enjoyed myself (too much) and don’t think that gluten is making me sick. I’m sticking with it for awhile, but I’m doing my best to avoid white flour. I’m leaving up the blog links to gluten-free blogs because 1) they have really yummerific recipes, 2) if a gluten-free person stumbles onto my blog I’d love to point them in some tasty directions and 3) I am not certain how long I will be gluten-free and don’t want to lose those sites.

Meal planning has been hard to do lately. With wheat back in the picture, I can’t seem to think of what to eat anymore. Not to mention the fact that we are low on money right now. I’m doing my best to cut grocery corners where I can. I also get easily distracted by new (and old) nutritional ideas. I think I need to stick with the Nourishing Traditions concepts for now. I’m probably half-way there (after 3 years or so) — why stop now?

I dug through the archives at Nourishing Gourmet and A Year of Crockpotting for ideas. Too late I thought of going to OrgJunkie’s site where I first learned of Menu Plan Monday. It looks like its Family Favorites edition this week! I’m going to browse now and save for future menus!



Whole Wheat Waffles

Golden Oats

Soaked Oats x 2


Bacon and Eggs

(I REALLY want to make this baked herbed egg recipe but need to wait till I find some little dishes at a thrift store first!)


PB & J w/ raw fruit

Quesadillas w/ raw veggies

Leftover Chicken Soup

Bean Burritos

Bunless Burgers

Smoothies with…?

Update:  I realized we told friend we’d bring them lunch on Thursday.  I think I’ll buy salami, cheese, veggies, crackers, and we’ll use the yogurt as a snack sometime this week.


Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada Casserole

Pot Roast-type stew w/ whatever meat is on sale

White Bean Apple Chili and cornbread

Homemade Chicken Soup x/2

Potato and Pea Soup (I think I’ll use basil instead of lovage, or just parsley?)


Now that I’m looking over the meals, it seems to be a bit chicken-heavy. Hmmm. I took out the Chinese Lemon Chicken over brown rice and put in pot roast. We’re all set now!

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