Oh, California.

A friend of mine gave me permission to post an email she just sent.

Here is evidence for the need to see passage of Proposition 8, State constitutional amendment to add the definition of marriage, in November.

Paul and I have been volunteering as artists over the past 13 years at Chalk It Up, a fundraiser for grant monies for school children’s art programs. Every time I have had a scripture or scripture address in my work. This time my painting created enough commotion with Sacramento union passersby that the festival president asked me, reluctantly, to change the wording and remove the thank-you to Sacramento City Schools at the top of the painting. Some folks were pretty hostile.

To take the heat off the festival president, who was sympathetic to me, I made the changes. My reworded painting, which the Lord give me instantly when the festival president made her request, was: “Love is patient; love is kind.” I took my sweet time wiping out the original text because I had enough visitors ask me why I was removing the words, which brought responses of surprise.

One of the hostile visitors contested that the schools are a representation of many religions and all genders (!). I countered that my offering was part of that diversity, but by that time the opposition was moving on, making noises of making a formal complaint. First Amendment rights? Well, for how long?

it is interesting to me how “tolerance” is often sold to the public to as a way to promote intolerance. Of course, this time we Californians weren’t sold anything, were we? Some activist judges made this law, despite the will of the people made clear in 2000. Something needs to be done about the balance of power being too judge-heavy in our country. It’s a bit scary!

If you live in California, please make sure you vote in November.

(I was just looking through the photos of the other Chalk it Up masterpieces — this one made several photos and it seems offensive to me! Warning: PG-13.)


One thought on “Oh, California.

  1. I think it would have been stronger if, instead of “Mark 10:6-9” at the end, it had begun with, “Jesus of Nazareth said.” That way, it makes it, not some religion’s Holy Writ, but something that one man (son of man) said, and would have been a gateway to discussion of who that man was.

    It’s like, instead of saying “This is what MY BIBLE says,” it would be saying “This is what THIS GUY said.” It would have taken the emphasis off of the artist, and puts the emphasis on its subject, this Jesus fellow, whoever HE was. (Is.)

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