Menu Plan Monday and Pancake Sandwiches!

Peanut Butter and Honey Pancake Sandwiches. Mmmmm. I know they sound odd, but believe me (and ask my 3 little boys) they were YUMMY! Our breakfast pancake recipe makes enough for 2 days of pancakes, but since I was overdue for a grocery shopping trip and wondering what to eat for lunch today, I decide to use the 2nd day’s pancakes today. We simply slathered natural crunchy peanut butter and some local raw honey in between 2 like-sized (2 to 3 inches in diameter) room-temperature pancakes and voila — a sandwich! It was at least as good as PB and Honey on store-bought white bread if not better!

I do miss heavy, healthy, homemade whole wheat bread. I haven’t come across a gluten-free bread recipe that is worth the work it takes to bake it just yet (for my discriminating bread tastes), and I can’t fathom paying what the health food stores ask for packaged gluten-free bread. I never thought of making sandwiches out of pancakes! Have you ever tried it? I don’t think tuna would be good on these pancakes as they had a slightly sweet taste and seemed to beg for a sweet and salty topping. But, perhaps if I left the sugar out of the pancake recipe…maybe I could come up with some kind of flatbread I could cook on the grill that would make good sandwich bread? Please leave a comment if you know of a recipe like this!!

We have Cub Scout Camp every night this week. Because of it’s location (far from home, farther from hubby’s work!) we are meeting my husband there each evening for a picnic dinner before camp starts. I’m trying to think of dinners that will be somewhat transportable and taste ok lukewarm 🙂 We also have a limited amount of $$ in the bank until the beginning of next month, so I need to use whatever I have in my cupboard and freezer to save funds! Time to put on the creative cap!! Here’s the plan:


B — GF Pancakes

L — PB and Honey Pancake Sandwiches and a Smoothie

D — BBQ Chicken and Green Beans

(Grocery Shop tonight during scout camp!)


B — Irish Oats

L — Cheese Quesadillas and Apples with almond butter

D — BBQ Salmon and a big yummy salad


B — Cereal

L — Cheeseburgers and raw carrots

D — Gluten-free Sox Fan’s Homemade Pizza. This pizza is great!


B — Scrambled Eggs

L — Smoothies

D — Hard-boiled eggs, salami and cheese, raw veggies


B — Soaked Oats

L — Bring something snacky to Civil War Club. Something gluten-free and not too unhealthy. Hmmm. ??? Maybe I’ll cut up a bunch of oranges.

D — Buy out-to-eat food to eat at group picnic, or bring something to bbq there?


B — GF Pancakes again (I don’t like having these twice a week but it means less groceries to buy this time)

L — Let’s do pancake sandwiches and see what hubby thinks!!

D — Quesadillas, steamed broccoli, salad


B — Eggs!

L — eat at church

D — Blackened Catfish (Take II), salad, veggies

For many more ideas, don’t forget (like I almost forgot!) to check out the Gluten Free Menu Swap, hosted this week by Gluten Free Sox Fan (who happens to be the author of that yummy pizza recipe!). I LOVE reading through everyone’s gluten-free menus and finding ideas and tips for future menus. Plus, it’s just fun to see what people eat! 🙂

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