Menu Plan Monday

Well, for the most part I stuck to my diet last week (I say that as I am sitting here sucking down the yummiest Frappachino ever — obviously not on the diet!).

I actually lost 5 pounds this week, tho! I’m super excited, and motivated to stay away from grains for another week. I didn’t stay away from ALL grains. For instance, one night I had forgotten to get dinner preparations done ahead of schedule and so we made quesadillas on the fly. But for the most part, grains were out of the picture. I didn’t really miss them. I’m sure it helps that I already had cut out wheat. A few weeks off of all grains will be very good for me!

For next week, I think I’ll try to repeat much of last week. We have some serious family drama going on in our extended family, not to mention several activites this week, so I’m going to make this as easy on myself as possible.


B — Golden Oats (kids), Cottage Cheese and Fruit (me)

Snack — Raw Almonds (the kids are sick of these as a snack, but I love ’em!)

L — Leftover Meat Chili and Garden Salad (finish off that avocado before it goes totally mushy).

Snack — Yogurt w/ berries

Go grocery shopping today!!

D — Blackened Catfish (I totally screwed this up last week by using seasoned salt instead of mixing my own herbs. It was sooooooooo salty! And there was just a hint of the good it could have been to cause remorse! Happily, I bought a big pack of fish at Costco and I get to try again this week!) and a big garden salad.


B — Scrambled Eggs and Apple Slices with almond butter

Snack —

L — Picnic with our homeschool co-op. I think I’ll bring tuna salad and put it on bread for the boys and lettuce for me. Raw Veggies and Dip too. Or celery w/ almond butter, yum.

D — Barefoot Contessa’s Chicken Chili (over rice for the family — I’ll skip the rice and eat it more like a stew. I am thinking I may be tomato-intolerant — oh, say it isn’t so! I’m thinking this dinner will clarify that for me.) and asparagus. Salad too, if I feel up to it!


B — Cereal Day! The boy live for this day. They eat the whole box in one setting. I don’t know how people afford to eat cereal on a daily basis. Maybe their kids aren’t as big eaters as mine. I’ll make myself cottage cheese again (I’m so on a cottage cheese kick right now. Lovin’ it!)

L — Friends over for lunch today. Serve Chicken Chili leftovers (so good as leftovers, better than fresh!) with cheese, sour cream, basmati rice. Maybe carrot sticks and apples for the kids, salad for grown ups.

Snack — Raw Almonds 🙂

D — Make a pot roast in the crock pot, green beans, and Huge Garden Salad


B — Soaked Steel-cut Oats

Snack — Oranges

L — Go visit my dad at his school today. Bring him leftover pot roast.

Snack — Raw Almonds

D — BBQ Salmon, steamed broccoli, garden salad


B — Eggs, to order

L — Leftover salmon in a garden salad, fruit and yogurt.

D– Bunless Cheeseburgers with veggies that are left in the fridge!


B — Orange Juice Smoothies (oj, berries, yogurt, protein powder, almonds)

L — We will be at a daytime wedding today for lunch.

D — Mexicale Chicken (I didn’t get this made last week!)


B — Soaked Oats for kids, cottage cheese with fruit for me

L — We are taking a 12 week class at a neighboring church that makes church stretch out into the afternoon. They actually feed us! And I was able last time to find plent to eat that was gluten free, surprisingly! (They had snack-y stuff like string cheese, jerky, apples, carrots, etc.)

D — Chicken Cheddar Cobb Salad


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