A Break from Grains — Menu Plan Monday

At a local health food store this week, I noticed a display of Perfect Weight America books near the check-out. The sign advised I would receive a free book with ANY Garden of Life purchase! I quickly snagged a bottle of Garden of Life’s Cod Liver Oil (our family’s favorite) and began to read my new book in the car. (Don’t worry, my husband was driving!) At home, I discovered the website that goes with the book — with membership currently being offered to the general public as FREE. The videos, recipes and messaging forum on the website are interesting and informative.

I started to get all gung-ho about the diet mentioned in the book. The nutritional principles are wonderful — more of the Nourishing Traditions-type. The exercise information seems right. Some of the heart-healing techniques seem a little cooky. The ideas on doing seasonal “cleanses” look promising. As with Jordan Rubin’s other books, I really enjoy his personal storytelling style. Much of the book is simply an endorsement for several products Garden of Life sells.  I’m just not up to doing 100% of the recommended plan (and neither is our bank account) but I will give it go in my own tweaked fashion.

For this week, I plan to try to stick very close to Phase I of the PWA plan, which for me will mean simply cutting out a few foods I usually eat: milk, ice cream (but yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese are all okay), most grains (I’m keeping oatmeal even though the book says not to in this phase. It’s just such an easy, nutritious breakfast…), bananas, dried fruit. I also plan to eat a lot of smoothies this week, and try to do the whole “5 meals” a day thing, with planned snacks, etc.

Ack! We shall see!

Outlined below are our meals for the week, with specific modifications mentioned for myself or the family (who are not participating with me, except to the degree that I’m the Chief Cook!).

Hopefully having this written down will help me stick to it!

Oh, and our family is attempting to not go out to eat for the entire month of June…one week at a time!


B — Scrambled Eggs w/ apple slices

Snack — Raw Almonds

L — Leftover Meat Chili (with quesadillas for the boys) and raw veggie snacks

Snack — an apple w/ almond butter

D — Wild-Caught Salmon with steamed broccoli and a garden salad (we’ll be harvesting our first oak leaf lettuce from the garden — woo hoo!)


B — Soaked Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Snack — an orange

Lunch — Garden Salad w/ avocado, beans and leftover salmon tossed in (I’m going to buy whole wheat bread to give the kids w/ this salad, to add something yummy for them while being easy for me).

Snack — Raw Almonds

Dinner — Bunless Cheeseburgers, steamed broccoli


Breakfast — Cereal for the kids, Cottage Cheese w/ fresh pineapple for me

Snack — fresh pineapple

Lunch — Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps (I think I’ll make real sandwiches for the boys, but if they seem to be in an adventurous spirit I’ll slip them the lettuce wraps and see what they think!)

Snack — fresh blackberries (pick from grandma’s yard)

Dinner — Meat Chili (in crock pot)


Breakfast — Orange Juice Smoothies

Snack — Raw Almonds

Lunch — Leftover Meat Chili (with a potato for boys)

Snack — Fresh Blackberries

Dinner — Mexicali Chicken I’m going to serve this over rice for the family. Steamed broccoli as well.


Breakfast — Soaked Oatmeal

Snack — Celery Sticks with Almond Butter

Lunch — Chicken Cheddar Cobb Salad

Snack — Fresh Blackberries in yogurt

Dinner — Some kind of fish (I’ll look at Costco), garden salad, green beans


Breakfast — Egg dish of some kind

Snack — Oranges

Lunch — Cottage Cheese w/ fruit for me, chicken quesadillas for family

Snack — Small Smoothies

Dinner — Pot Roast with carrots and tomatoes and potatoes (crock pot), garden salad


Breakfast — Golden Oats for the family, Cottage Cheese w/ fruit for me

Snack — Raw Almonds

Snack — Celery Sticks with Almond Butter

Lunch/Dinner — Leftover Pot Roast and raw veggies


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