Loudspeakers There…Media Here

A few years ago, I visited a friend East Africa for my thirtieth birthday. The loudspeakers sounding off from mosques several times a day (and night) were terribly annoying. Of course, the language was unintelligable to me, so I tried to imagine it as background music. I cannot imagine if I understood the words how I could have blocked out the constant brainwashing.

In this eJournal from July 2006, Chris Davis makes a valid comparison between loudspeakers spouting off propoganda in foreign countries, and the media here in the United States.

Chris explains his experience with blaring loudspeakers in Muslim-controlled areas of Israel and goes on to say:

“I once heard John Gatto give [a talk] about his visit to a country undergoing a Communist revolution. There were loudspeakers set up at every street corner so that during all of their waking hours the citizens heard propaganda encouraging them to devote themselves to the Communist way of life. Gatto went on to say that he has become convinced that Americans are surrounded by constant propaganda, but we just don’t realize it because it is not in the form of blaring loudspeakers, but in the form of television, radio, magazine ads, billboards, and the countless other types of media that are continually trying to influence the way we live.”

Are you aware of the subtle and not-so-subtle influences of the world around us?

As American Christians, we need to learn to see life through a biblical worldview, allowing the living Word of God to be the filter through which we process EVERYTHING, not just religious issues. Too often, after compartmentalizing our lives and offering some areas to God, other areas to Psychology or popular experience, we simply don’t realize that the Lord is Lord over all of our lives.  He deserves respect in each arena of His children’s lives — and we’ll be much more content with our lives as we learn to seek His ways.

A thoughtful book on the subject of the effects of media on children is Marie Winn’s The Plug-In Drug. Click to read “Good-Enough Families” to understand the purpose of her book).

Chris encourages the reader to chew on the words from “What an Educated Person Must Know,” quoting much of this speech right in the ejournal and adding a link to the entire speech. Like anything written by John Taylor Gatto, Teacher of the Year in New York State and New York City, it is worth reading and considering.

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