Nourishing Traditions – Menu Plan Monday!

Make Your Time in Kitchen Go the Distance gives a wonderful example of a week’s worth of Nourishing Traditions meals. I decided to copy some of the ideas for us this week. I have also tried incorporating desserts from a wonderful book entitled “The Fat-Resistance Diet.” We have become too used to eating ice cream several nights a week, and instead of taking dessert away completely I thought it would be better to close off our evenings with something sweet and remarkably healthy.

Also towards the goal of healthy eating, I plan to make a sourdough starter this week (this article about the benefits of sourdough is a great read) and try making “crispy nuts” for the first time.  The kids are making a batch of sunflower seed sprouts for us to add to our salads as well.

I think whatever damage I had done to my stomach has been healed as it seems I can tolerate wheat again. I have decided not to over-do the wheat thing, but do my best to keep to only eating wheat in a healthy way.  So many symptoms went away when I cut out all wheat (joint pain, varicose veins, the feeling of living in a fog) and I don’t want to invite those back. (In some ways it was GOOD for me to not be able to have ANY wheat — I hated the instant reaction of sickness and this kept me from lots of junk food. My self-discipline is not in such good shape without immediate consequences.)

For those of you here to scout out gluten-free recipes, I will mark recipes for you as such.


B – Soaked Oats (gluten-free if you use the right kind of oats)

L – Smoothies (yogurt, strawberries, banana, protein powder, raw almonds — blend) and Spoon Salad (GF)

D – My honey took me out to Black Angus, the kids had leftover chili (GF)


B – Birdies-in-a-nest (sourdough bread)

L – Out running errands

D – Grilled Chicken with Spoon Salad and Zucchini cooked on stove top (thinly sliced into long skinny strips, sauteed – just until tender – in olive oil and butter, sprinkled with red pepper flakes and sea salt) (gluten-free)


B – GF Cereal

L – Salami and Cheese with Raw Veggies (GF)

D – Wild Salmon, Spoon Salad, Steamed Broccoli with Cheese (GF)

Snack — Popcorn made in coconut or olive oil, butter and sea salt added – yummy!  (GF)


B – Irish Oats (GF)

L – Leftover Salmon and Salad, serve with Ezekiel Bread Toast w/ PB.

D – Slow-Cooked Shredded Beef Tostados (GF)

Snack — Avocado Shakes (my friend who lives in East Africa suggested this snack.  I was skeptical at first, but my kids adore this shake.  You just blend really cold milk with avocado in the blender, and add sugar to taste.  I suggest not telling your kids it is avocado until they love it (mine were SHOCKED to discover the shakes weren’t mint!) (GF)


B – Bacon with GF Pancakes

L – Smoothies (with orange juice, blueberries, yogurt, and banana) (GF)

D – Leftover Shredded Beef Tostados with Spoon Salad (GF)

Snack — Fruit Salad w/ Creme Fraiche


B – Eggs with Leftover Pancakes (GF)

L – Quesadillas with yummy Frank’s Red Hot sauces (GF)

D – Bun-less Cheeseburgers with french fries, raw veggies and dip (GF)

Snack —


B – Golden Oats

L/D – Mother’s Day BBQ w/ hubby’s family; bring lamb to grill and Dedra’s Broccoli Salad


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