Menu Plan Monday

‘Tis the season to crank up the grill!  I’m celebrating by cooking lots of stuff outside this week.  I also had a bit of wheat last week with no reaction, and so am planning to buy some sprouted wheat bread and try it this week to see what happens!  Maybe that’s why I’ve been so “lucky” in not getting “glutened” over the past few weeks — maybe it’s me that’s changed, not the cross-contamination in restaurants or people’s homes.  Here’s to hoping my stomach has healed (I’m not Celiac, just discovered wheat was hurting me a lot.  Walnuts and almonds used also to give me fits and I can eat these fine now, so I am hoping the same will go for wheat, eventually.)

Monday:  Scrambled Eggs, Buy lunch at TJ’s, Chicken Wings (made with gluten free sauce given to me by a friend, called Red Hot) with celery sticks and salad

Tuesday: Irish Oats, PB and J and raw veggies with hummus, Grilled Salmon with steamed green beans

Wednesday: Cereal,  quesadillas and apples w/ pb, Grilled Chicken with zucchini

Thursday:  Eggs, Cold Pesto Salad, Grilled Lamb with mashed potatoes and a salad

Friday:  Soaked Oats,  Leftover veggies w/ hummus and smoothies, Chili in Crockpot

Saturday: Eggs, Leftover Chili

Sunday:  Golden Oats, out to lunch, Find Stuff around the house
for dinner


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