Menu Plan Monday, April 6

Once again, we missed several of our planned meals last week. The week was so busy, I don’t even know where it went and I don’t know why we didn’t eat all these meals. Planning is easy this week, tho, and grocery shopping will be cheap since I have much of the stuff still around.

This week, a couple of the kids and myself are planning a few days out of town to visit my sister and her new husband! I am deliriously excited to see her first apartment!

I’m a little freaked out about trying to eat gluten-free while visiting my sister and without being a nuisance. Luckily, she’s my sister, so she’s very understanding!!

I know that it will be worth a little preparation so that I won’t be sick and grumpy while visiting. I think just coming prepared with some snacks and emergency gluten-free protein bars (ThinkThin Brownie Crunch bars from Trader Joe’s are sooooooo yummy!) and with my sister’s trying to be sensitive to my issue that things will work out fine. I’m actually considering bringing one of my own pans to cook with…ack! I feel crazy with this stuff sometimes, but when the tiniest bit of gluten has made my tummy do somersaults for hours and my brain pop back into a fog for 2 days, it pays to be somewhat vigilant, I guess. I’m thinking worst case scenario I’ll lose a few pounds — and how could THAT be the “worst” case scenario? 😉


Gluten Free “crepes” (crepe recipe from here — I tried one of these while making omelettes last week ust to test it out and it worked great! — and filling/topping ideas from here)

Bean and Cheese Tostadas

Spring Rolls (I’m going to try the shrimp w/herbs and broccoli slaw, along w/ peanut sauce) and a yummy salad


Soaked Oats

Take Daniel out to lunch, pack lunch for CJ and Micah — salami and cheese and apples

Split Pea Soup w Millet Biscuits


Eggs and Bacon

To Go lunch — yogurt, carrots, rice cakes w/ pb

Chicken Enchiladas and steamed aspargus

Thursday – Sunday:

Take with me: lunch/snacks for me and the kids in the car Thursday (Rice Cakes w/ peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, fruit), protein bars, snacks, Rice Chex, canned chili, prepared dry mix for cornbread,

Leave here for dad and kids: Rice Chex, eggs, oatmeal, cheeseburgers, Split Pea Soup leftovers, chicken enchilada leftovers, Trader Joe’s frozen reheatable meals


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