Education: A Science of Relationships

I’m enjoying listening to the audiobook version of For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer MacCauley.  I read this book several years ago when we first began homeschooling, and it shaped my views of education.  Here’s a quote I heard today that I simply had to stop and record here for you:

“When I was a child, education for me often meant memorizing French verbs or remembering someone else’s answer to a question.  Now I find it helpful and liberating to enjoy Charlotte Mason’s view of Education.  It does not mean that adults think of a child as a blank sheet of paper on which they imprint their ideas, impressions, and knowledge.  Neither does it mean leaving a child unattended, like a weed growing in the sidewalk.  It is a balanced understanding of education as the provision of possibilities for a person to build relationships with a vast number of things and thoughts.  We must take steps to provide a diet which opens doors for each child to build a relationship with God, other persons, and the universe.  If it sounds broad, it is broad.  A child should not be left to stumble upon educational material by chance. Charlotte Mason took great care to provide a wide variety of curriculum, otherwise the children would be deprived of the best of ideas, culture, literature, science, etc.”


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