Christ in the (gluten-free) Passover and more Easter ideas!

Passover a few years back!

The real Passover celebration won’t be until April 20-27 this year, but we decided to study and celebrate (in a more simple way) Passover within the context of Holy Week this week. It seems appropriate, as Christians, to choose Good Friday to honor Jesus as our Passover.

For photos of our fun celebration a few years back, click over to our old-and-completely deserted blog. To see a round up of other Easter traditions, books, and activities to help make Easter Week a special time to focus on Christ, please see this post.

I was trying to figure out how to have a gluten-free Passover this year. Just googling these words turned up many webpages I didn’t have time to wade through. Gluten Free Bay has a ton of recipes and RecipeZaar has 71 more!

I did decide that attempting the following recipes will be as adventurous as we will get this year:

Matzah Crackers

Potato Dumplings to use for Matzo Balls in Soup

I’m thinking Chocolate-Dipped Macaroons or Chocolate Chip Macaroons for dessert!

Did you know the infamous Easter Story Cookies are naturally gluten-free? The only problem is, I wonder if they are more legend than reality. I’m curious to hear if any of you had haver had success with this little object lesson. I’d love to try them again, if I had some hope of them turning out right!

Oh, and I almost forgot! I found this recipe for gluten-free paper mache. Now we can make our little paper mache lambs without me having to go purchase real flour 🙂


2 thoughts on “Christ in the (gluten-free) Passover and more Easter ideas!

  1. We made the Easter cookies last year, and while they are not spectatcular, the kids enjoyed making them and I enjoyed eating them! Make sure you use fine sugar as it makes a big difference in the graininess of the cookies.

    I recently found your blog and have enjoyed what I have seen so far… we HS, use NT (or try!), and are GF.

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth! I’ll try to find superfine sugar, or maybe run mine through the coffee grinder? I did that once with a pal to make kettle corn and it worked out great.

    Do you have a blog or web addy? Leave it next time if you do, I’d love to come by for a “visit”!


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