This Week’s (Late) Menu


B – GF Pancakes

L – Leftovers

D – Bought dinner (pizza for family, gf ready-made tamales from grocery store for me)


B – Eggs

L – Leftovers, homemade tapioca pudding

D – Tacos (corn tortillas, ground beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa) and steamed asparagus


B – Burt Bars

L – Out to Chipotle (we were detained at our dentist’s office for so long today that we had to go out on our way to another meeting across town!)

D – Chef’s Salad (from Saving Dinner the Low-Carb Way)

To do for tomorrow: Soak white beans over night


B – Burt Bars

L – Allison’s White Bean Soup

D – Grilled Salmon w/ TJ Grain Mix and green beans


B – Soaked Oats

L – Soup Leftovers

D – Pork Carnitas


B – Golden Oats

L – Soup Leftovers or Cheeseburgers

D – Carnitas Leftovers


B – Omelets

L -Go out to eat

D – Black Bean and Chipotle Soup (I found this link on a gluten-free blog, but can’t remember which — sorry to whomever you are that recommended the recipe).


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