Menu Plan February 11th


I’ve decided to have leftovers for lunch often this week, to save me planning and keep more variety in our evening meals.


Breakfast – Waffles

Lunch – Leftover Root Cobbler or cottage cheese w/ mandarin oranges, hummus with tortilla chips

Dinner – Gluten Free Mommy’s Fish Stew


Breakfast – Soaked Oats

Lunch – Leftover Fish Stew, yogurt w/ berries or smoothies

Dinner – Chicken Soup


Breakfast – Omelets

Lunch – Leftover Chicken Soup

Dinner – Cheeseburgers


Breakfast – Cheerios for kids (not gluten free), Yogurt with berries for me

Lunch – Chicken Salad Sandwiches (Thanks to a tip from my gfcf email group that the next 20 recipes posted would win something from Blue Dominoes, I quickly cut and paste one of my gf recipes and won a free bag of Anna’s breadmix! I can’t wait to try it.)

Dinner – Split Pea Soup (This is a Barefoot Contessa recipe recommended by a friend. I think the only change I’ll make is using rosemary instead of oregano, since I have fresh rosemary here already.)


Breakfast – Soaked Oats

Lunch – Leftover Split Pea Soup

Dinner – Bean and Cheese Tostadas


Breakfast – Eggs, to order

Lunch – Leftovers or find something snack-y!

Dinner – Chicken Enchiladas (This has been coming out well the past few times I’ve tried it, and I’ve even added spinach in! I’ll try to record the amounts this week and link to the recipe soon.)


Breakfast – Golden Oats

Lunch – go out to eat

Dinner – Chicken Enchilada Leftovers

Snacks: Chocolate Chip Cookies, kale chips, tortilla chips and salsa


One thought on “Menu Plan February 11th

  1. Just wanted to share that I am glad to find someone else who has their favorite John Taylor Gatto book as “A Different Kind of Teacher”. I didn’t like “Dumbing Them Down” so much but it seems nearly everyone loves that one and never read the others.

    I recommend this book to everyone!

    Thanks for commenting, Christine! I didn’t like Dumbing Us Down nearly as much as A Different Kind of Teacher myself. Isn’t John Taylor Gatto a great thinker? I don’t agree with all his ideas, but he certainly speaks in such a fresh, logical way. I love being challenged by his thoughts!!


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