Mixing it Up — My Favorite Gluten-Free Flour

Gluten Free Cooking School is hosting a Gluten Free Gusto — Mixing it Up event for gluten-free bakers to share their favorite flours!
I actually just noticed her post about it, and missed the deadline to enter, but figured I’d post my favorite flour recipe here anyway!
I have really enjoyed playing around with gluten-free mixes lately! I pretty much stick to an established set of flour/starch/xantham gum, interchanging a variety here and there. This one made particularly good pancakes the other day. It is a great flour for cookies and baked goods.
8 cups brown rice flour (I buy a bag of brown rice and send the rice through my Wonder Mill on the finest setting)
2 cups cornstarch
Slightly less than 2/3 cup arrowroot powder
2 cups tapioca (I don’t buy tapioca flour from the store. I buy the little white balls in the bulk section of Winco, and send them through my Wonder Mill. I learned early on not to do more than a half of a canister at a time. The little balls seem to make the Wonder Mill work pretty hard. I’m not certain that my tapioca flour is the same entity as the stuff you buy at the store, in fact, I think I usually need to add a bit more liquid to my recipes than usually called for, and I suspect that my flour is a bit more absorbent.)
4 tsps xantam gum
Mix all these dry ingredients together! Use what you need for your recipe and freeze the rest in a gallon-size Zipoc baggie.

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