Menu Plan Monday for January 14th

I’m late, I’m late — for deciding what will go on my plate!

Actually, some of these meals were easy to come up with, seeing how we did not eat all of them last week when we were supposed to. My teen cousin was staying with us, and we used her as an excuse to go out to eat several times. Back on track this week!

For more ideas, please visit the following links:


Breakfast — Soaked Oatmeal

Lunch — Leftover Chicken Chili over Rice

Dinner — Cheeseburger patties with a scrumptous garden salad and steamed broccoli


Breakfast — Eggs and Nitrate-free Bacon from Trader Joe’s

Lunch — Salami, Rice Crackers, Cheese, Cut-up Veggies

Dinner — Crockpot Beef n’ Beans


Breakfast — GF pancakes

Lunch — Leftover Beef n’ Beans

Dinner — Grilled Salmon with green beans


Breakfast — Scrambled Eggs or Crustless Quiche

Lunch — Baked Potates

Dinner — Gluten-free Mommy’s Lasagna


Breakfast — Golden Oats

Lunch — Smoothies, Crackers with cream cheese

Dinner — Sage-Chive Steaks with Argula Salad (Rachael Ray)


Breakfast — Gorilla Munch cereal and some kind of protein!

Lunch — Steak and Avocado Salad

Dinner — Allison’s White Bean Soup (recipe coming soon!)


Breakfast — Hash Browns

Lunch — Go out to eat after church

Dinner — Allison’s White Bean Soup (leftovers)


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