34 Things I Love About my friend Kathy

I’ve been friends with Kathy for a little over 20 years. That’s more than half of my life! She is the kind of friend who is loyal and true. A lifelong friend.

When we started hanging out in Jr. High, we both casually mentioned to each other that we’d recently made a very special friend. We each wrote the name of our new special friend on a piece of paper, folded up the papers, and traded.

Thank God we’d both written each other’s names down!

We decided we were much too mature and anti-cliquish to call each other our “best” friend, and thus have been “special” friends ever since!

We’ve been friends through thick and thin, literally (I prefer the thin, at least for myself!). In our younger years, our friendship survived many conflicts over boys and her catching me smoking. I would not have survived high school had she not shown up on campus my Sophomore year (she was a year behind me) to provide positive peer pressure.

One year our pastor bought us a pad of paper as a joke gift, since he watched us passing notes during the entire length of each of his sermons. We’ve fought, and made up, many times. We’ve remained friends across the miles, while going to different colleges, through my getting married and having 3 sons and her moving across the oceans to a faraway land as a missionary.

Her mom is my “second mom.” Her family is like family to me, and I know my family considers her part of our own.

For Kathy’s 34th birthday today, I’d like to tell you 34 Things I like about her:

1. She has an incredibly quirky sense of humor, a little on the dark side at times.

2. When she sneezes, she puts her whole body into it. Hurricane Kathy.

3. Although she has an inborn taste for the finer, more expensive things in life, she is content to live simply, in a third world country without constant access to electricity.

4. She introduced me to John Piper. Well, not in person or anything, but to his writing and sermons.

5. She adores children. Especially obstinate, difficult children!

6. She LOVES watching movies — I like watching her watching movies (she gets really into them)

7. She sang at my wedding, in the church we grew up in. She sang earnestly, and celebrated my wedding with joy, even though she was still freshly grieving the seemingly too-early loss of her dear daddy.

8. She moves in and out of different cultures with the ease most of us move in and out of different pairs of jeans.

9. She has a great aptitude for learning language (can you say Gujarati?)

10. She can’t spell (in English) worth snot. Thank God for spell check!

11. She types 90 words per minute.

12. If something is really on her mind, she’ll type an email to you at 90 words per minute, and not read over it to see if it makes sense. You really feel like you are talking to her while reading emails!

13. Then again, she has an incredible aptitude for writing. When she sends out support letters, her letters are slowly and thoughtfully crafted (and spell-checked), full of interesting stories and encouraging words (and high-tech photo layouts).

14. When someone approaches her about a possible love interest (you know, the whole I know just the man for you! thing), her first question is, “Is he Calvinist?”

15. Whatever she does, she gives 110%. Whether its Weight Watchers or teaching or training dogs or mission work or a game of Hearts.

16. She’s willing to live anywhere in the world she feels she could serve the Lord and tell others about Him.

17. When she had to raise support to become a full-time missionary, she never actually ASKED anyone to support her. She would share her story, and leave it to the Lord to prompt hearts. She received all of her support very quickly this way!

18. She loves lemon ice cream. Especially from Leatherby’s.

19. She loves Sour Patch Kids candy.

20. Actually, she loves anything with sugar.

21. She has perfect teeth. No cavities. Never had one. Even with sugar being her favorite food group. It’s simply not fair.

22. I can go 2 years without seeing her, and when we meet we pick up right where we left off.

22. She adores Christmas. (And Silver Tips are the only “real” Christmas trees, you know!)

23. She loves giving gifts to others.

24. She is very hospitable and welcoming.

25. If she believed in “psychology,” she would probably diagnose herself with OCD (she obsesses over the littlest things sometimes)

26. When she buys something, she never impulse buys. Instead, she researches, interviews people, researches more, checks Consumer Reports, researches more, changes her mind dozens of times…and then buys it. (See No. 25.)

27. She’s always freezing. Probably the real reason she moved to a tropical country.

28. She loves her mom enough to leave her little doggie, Molly, behind here in the States for Mom to enjoy!

29. She’ll fight with a friend like she’s Mike Tyson, but always wants things resolved and made up.

30. In fact, she ALWAYS makes CERTAIN things are resolved and made up — even trivial matters! (see No. 25.)

31. She loves the Word of God: reading it, understanding it, hearing it preached, learning to live it.

32. She can make the BEST Chai Tea (I think where she lives “chai” just means tea, and they call this kind of tea “Masala Chai.”

33. She loves my kids and always shows interest in their hobbies and schoolwork.

34. She’s more like a sister than just a friend. A super-special friend!

2 thoughts on “34 Things I Love About my friend Kathy

  1. 35. She has a beautiful singing voice and she is willing to share it when appropriate.
    36. She is kind and gracious – even when she thinks the other person is a ditz.
    37. She is as sweet and concerned for others as her mother.

  2. 38. I love that Kathy treated me like a grown-up when a lot of my sister’s friends still treated me as the annoying kid sister (ignoring all the previous years, of course, when I was an annoying kid sister).
    39. She IS interested in people, in what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.
    40. She asks hard questions.

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