Menu Plan (Tuesday!) – First Week of the New Year

Between the holidays and my sister’s wedding (a wonderful time) I was left with no time to menu plan! I’m excited to get our kitchen, groceries, and eating habits back under control. Not to mention our house and homeschooling! Here’s to a new year!

Something I ate over Christmas celebrations hit my stomach like a ton of bricks. I felt terrible for a few days, foggy-brained, achy, like I had the flu. I was super-excited that the symptoms cleared before the few days of crunch time before the wedding. I’m also ready and willing to be better prepared so as to avoid feeling yucky at all costs!

The Gluten Free Menu Swap is on vacation for the holidays, but if you are searching the web for great gluten-free ideas, please see Gluten Free Mommy’s blog for lots of ideas and links to more and more ideas!


Breakfast — Gluten-free Waffles

Lunch — Out to Dos Coyotes (first time in ages I’ve been there and didn’t get sick. Hard to believe it is the absence of wheat that makes such a big difference to my tummy).

Dinner — Grilled Tuna (pre-marinated from Trader Joe’s — yum), and lots of raw veggie with ranch dressing. Leftover pasta salad for hubby and boys.


Breakfast – Hash Browns (We cook these on the stovetop)

Lunch – Go out to lunch with Katie and Tonna

Dinner – Chicken and Rice Soup


Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs

Lunch – Rice Crackers w/ Cream Cheese and yummy pepper jelly, Raw Veggies

Dinner – Chicken and Rice Soup


Breakfast – Golden Oats

Lunch – Tomato Soup and Corn Tortilla Quesadillas

Dinner – Cheeseburgers, yummy salad w/ cranberries and pinenuts,


Breakfast – Gluten-free Waffles

Lunch – Baked Potatoes with cheese and sour cream

Dinner – Chicken Oreganato


Breakfast – Pumpkin Bread and Eggs

Lunch – Go out after church? or defrost soup in a.m.!

Dinner – Tonya’s Chicken Chili (defrost from freezer)


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