Ensuring Your Kids Aren’t “Dumber than Dirt” (and a hilarious homeschool parody video)

I liked this author’s ideas on how to ensure our kids become smarter than rocks. Among other ideas, he mentions turning off the TV, reading aloud to the kids, eating together often, becoming a parent who loves to learn for herself (or himself!) and homeschooling. Personally, I thinking turning off the TV would bring the quickest and greatest educational success to this generation of American children! I just wish I had the guts to chuck the ‘ol boob tube (means something different today than it used to, doesn’t it?! Still pretty accurate description, I’m afraid, only now with a double entendre!).

On the subject of homeschooling, if you haven’t seen this hilarious parody called A Homeschool Family, you’ll laugh. If you’ve been around the homeschooling community at all, you’ll laugh until you cry. Comedian Tim Hawkins made this video with his family and several other borrowed children. His wife is fighting cancer right now, so please say a prayer for her!

Actually, if you need a few laughs, you may want to spend a few minutes looking around Tim Hawkins‘ website. My husband found the video called Cletus Take The Wheel absolutely side-splitting!!


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