Tackle-it-Tuesday – Playroom, Part I

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tackle it Tuesday.

Another weekly help-me-stay-organized-and-keep-me-blogging-sometimes meme I’ve wanted to get in on.

But the thought of sharing my messes has kept me paralyzed with fear!

The more I click around at other folks’ “tackles,” the more I realize sharing cobweb-y, disorganized places in our lives (or other challenges) opens up the real us to others. I have been touched and inspired by seeing what other people are tackling in their lives. It has inspired me enough to jump in with both feet! Hopefully, me getting a grip on some household projects will inspire you!

About a year ago, my husband turned a large chunk of our garage into a playroom. The room has lately become a catch-all for junk and extra furniture (like when we had to move part of the couch from the living room to make room for the Christmas tree). The room got to the point where I would simply cream if something wasn’t done to make it more sightly and useful.

I don’t have the nerve to show you all the BEFORE photos of the playroom, at least until I have more AFTER photos to share. I will share the first installment 🙂


The videos on top of this bookcase were driving me mad. I know the day of the VCR has past, but when you have all these great educational and entertaining films, it is too difficult to get rid of the best of them. We only use this TV for viewing VHS tapes anyway.  I just had no other place to put the tapes. I had been racking my brain for a better solution.

Whenever a movie was taken out, the kids were unable to reach up high enough to put them back, so the tapes ended up all over the bookcase (not to mention the floor, the toy box, etc.).

You can see a larger section of the room in this photo. And I started with the cleaner side of the room 🙂

Can you imagine how blessed I felt to have found the *PERFECT* solution to my VHS problem at a thrift store for $4??

Look carefully under the television! A neat little VHS-holder that fits 36 VHS tapes!  And it fits perfectly under our TV/VCR stack! I saved a few other tapes (the ones in the giant Disney-type cases to the left of the T.V.) but all other tapes will be donated back to the thrift store!

Look at that bookcase! No more unsightly VHS tapes. Still zillions of books, yes, but that will NOT change in this lifetime 🙂  Heinrich Mann said, “A house without books is like a room without windows.”  Our little garage room has no windows, but it certainly has books!

My Tackle-it-Tuesday project: TACKLED!


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