8 Random Things

MamaArcher tagged me!

Here are the rules: once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

8 Random Things about Me:

1. I never went to 1st grade. I went from Kindergarten to 2nd grade, skipping 1st grade. This used to be a fact that made me unique, but now that I am so familiar with folks in the homeschooling community, actually going to 1st grade is becoming the anamoly.

2. I lost my two grandpas within 5 days of each other this week. It’s been a rough week, especially for my parents. I loved my grandpas dearly, and cherish the fact that I got to know them for 33 years of my life!

3. You can spell my name on a calculator. It’s true. Punch in 3-1-8-8-3-0, and turn the calcuator upside-down. Pretty cool?

4. I was born in Portland, Oregon, but moved to California when I was only 2 months old.

5. I would LOVE to move out of California, but the wonderful extended family we have here holds us back.

6. When I speak, or listen to others, I often see the words being spoken flash across my eyes as if I were reading a computer screen. I “see” commas, periods, explanation points, etc. I am slow on getting jokes with words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings because I don’t really hear the words as much as see them.

7. I wanted to major in Nutrition, but the only major at the school I went to in this subject was in Home Economics with a focus on Nutrition. I felt that a degree in Home Ec was too “1950’s” for me. My feminism kept me from learning a lot and having a degree in the subject that still interests me the most. I really regret this! (and I am feeling much more fulfilled as I strive to become feminine rather than feminist!)

8. My parents were 20 and 21 when I was born. They look really young. People always accuse my mom of being my sister, and think I may be married to my dad!

Um, 8 people to tag? I hate tagging people…so leave 8 random things in the comments section if you’re up to it! It was actually quite fun to see what things came to mind!

2 thoughts on “8 Random Things

  1. I’ll play!
    1. I met my husband at the first open house in the women’s dorm at ORU where we both attended college. I had baked refrigerator cookies and he loved him some cookies! 🙂
    2. Our love has lasted through 28.5 years of marriage, despite only being 19 and 20 when we married
    3. Our first child was born during his senior year at ORU
    4. We came to Tulsa to go to college and have lived here ever since, except for the 2.5 years we lived in the Marshall Islands.
    5. Our second child was born in the Marshall Islands. When he joined the Air Force last year, we had to jump through lots of hoops to prove he was a US Citizen.
    6. I am crazy about color. Every room in my house is a different color.
    7. I have only been blogging since April of this year. I love it!
    8. I love making cards and scrapbooking. Those are my main hobbies, although I have had several others through the years, including gardening, floral arrangement, and general crafting. Once the kids left home, and I no longer had to have supplies for all sorts of projects, I narrowed down my supplies to focus on the things I really enjoy.

    Thanks for the chance to get to know each other! It was fun. I will bookmark/link your blog.

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